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Homborg, A.M. and Tinga, T. and Westing, E.P.M. van and Zhang, Z. and Ferrari, G.M. and Wit, J.H.W. de and Mol, J.M.C. (2014) A Critical Appraisal of the Interpretation of Electrochemical Noise for Corrosion Studies. Corrosion, 70 (10). 971 - 987. ISSN 0010-9312

Tinga, T. and Dongen, L.A.M. van (2014) Een hele klus. Moderniseren onderhoudssector noodzakelijk. Ingenieur (11). 50 - 51. ISSN 0020-1146

Paternoster, A.R.A. and Loendersloot, R. and Boer, A. de and Akkerman, R. (2013) Geometrical optimization of a hingeless deployment system for an active rotor blade. Journal of intelligent material systems and structures, 24 (7). 855 - 861. ISSN 1045-389X

Woldman, M. and Heide, E. van der and Schipper, D.J. and Tinga, T. and Masen, M.A. (2012) Investigating the influence of sand particle properties on abrasive wear behaviour. Wear, 294-295 . 419 - 426. ISSN 0043-1648

Demcenko, A. and Akkerman, R. and Nagy, P.B. and Loendersloot, R. (2012) Non-collinear wave mixing for non-linear ultrasonic detection of physical ageing in PVC. NDT & E international, 49 . 34 - 39. ISSN 0963-8695

Jonge, Bram de and Klingenberg, Warse and Teunter, Ruud and Tinga, Tiedo (2015) Optimum maintenance strategy under uncertainty in the lifetime distribution. Reliability engineering & system safety, 133 . 59 - 67. ISSN 0951-8320

Woldman, M. and Heide, E. van der and Tinga, T. and Masen, M.A. (2013) The influence of abrasive body dimensions on single asperity wear. Wear, 301 (1-2). 76 - 81. ISSN 0043-1648

Tinga, T. (2014) Wat zijn de onderhoudstrends van nu ? PT Industrieel management (9/10). 18 - 21. ISSN 1571-9405

Book Section

Tinga, T. and Homborg, A.M. and Woldman, Martijn and Heerink, N.A. and Smeding, M. (2014) Advanced predictive maintenance concepts based on the physics of failure. In: Optimal deployment of military systems. Technologies for military missions in the next decade. Asser Press, Den Haag, 291 - 314.

Paternoster, A.R.A. and Jong, P.H. de and Boer, A. de (2012) Piezoelectric energy conversions. In: The Power of Design, Product Innovation in Sustainable Energy Technologies. John Wiley, 218 - 228.

Conference or Workshop Item

Woldman, M. and Heide, E. van der and Tinga, T. and Masen, M.A. (2013) A particle shape definition related to third-body abrasive wear. In: Proceedings of 5th World Tribology Conference, 08-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Turino, Italy.

Tinga, Tiedo and Loendersloot, Richard (2014) Aligning PHM, SHM and CBM by understanding the physical system failure behaviour. In: European Conference of the Prognostic and Health Management Society, 08-07-2014 - 11-07-2014, Nantes (pp. 162 - 171).

Berkhoff, A.P. and van der Rots, R. (2013) Directional sound sources using real-time beamforming control. In: Internoise 2013, 15-09-2013 - 18-09-2013, Innsbruck, Austria (pp. 1 - 7).

Berkhoff, A.P. and Ho, J. (2013) Flat sources for active acoustic shielding based on distributed control of a vibrating plate coupled with a thin cavity. In: Internoise 2013, 15-09-2014 - 18-09-2014, Innsbruck (pp. 1 - 6).

Sanchez Ramirez, A. and Loendersloot, R. and Tinga, T. and D'Angelo, G. (2015) Impact response characterization as basis for bearing diagnostics and prognostics. In: 9th International IFToMM conference on Rotor Dynamics, 22-09-2014 - 25-09-2014.

Tinga, T. (2014) Innovative predictive maintenance concepts to improve life cycle management. In: International Naval Engineering Conference, 20-05-2014 - 22-05-2014, Amsterdam.

Bezemer-Krijnen, M. and Wijnant, Y.H. and Boer, A. de (2014) Modelling absorption in porous asphalt concrete for oblique incident sound waves. In: International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, 15-09-2014 - 17-09-2014 (pp. 1723 - 1730).

Karthik, B. and Makwana, B.K. and Patel, C. and Bekke, D.A. (2012) Numerical computation of tyre radiaion noise: a comparative study of different techniques. In: NAFEMS 2012 Conference, Lincolnshire, 30-31 May 2013, 2012-05-30 - 2012-05-31, Lincolnshire (pp. 1 - 4 (CDROM)).

Bezemer-Krijnen, M. and Wijnant, Y.H. and Boer, A. de and Bekke, D.A. (2014) On the sound absorption coefficient of porous asphalt pavements for oblique incident sound waves. In: inter.noise 2014, Melbourne, 16-19 November 2014, 16-11-2014 - 19-11-2014, Melbourne.

Berkhoff, A.P. and van der Rots, R. (2013) Real-time steerable directional sound sources. In: AIA-DAGA 2013, International Conference on Acoustics, Merano, 18-03-2013 - 21-03-2013, Berlin (pp. 2144 - 2147).

Loendersloot, R. and Grouve, W.J.B. and Lamers, E.A.D. and Wijskamp, S. (2012) Textile impregnation with thermoplastic resin - models and application. In: Flow Processes in Composite Materials, 2012-07-09 - 2012-07-12, Auckland, NZ (pp. 344 - 351).

Rijsdijk, C. and Tinga, T. (2014) The effect of maintenance policy violations. In: 22nd European Congress & Expo on Maintenance and Asset Management, 05-05-2014 - 07-05-2014, Helsinki (pp. 370 - 375).

Tijs, E. and Makwana, B.K. and Peksel, O. and Amarnath, S.K.P. and Bekke, D.A. (2013) Transfer path based tyre absorption tests. In: Acoustics 2013 New Dehli, 10-15 November 2013, 2013-11-10 - 2013-11-15, New Dehli.

Sanchez Ramirez, A. and Loendersloot, R. and Tinga, T. (2014) Vibration based blind identification of bearing failures for autonomous wireless sensor nodes. In: Second European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society, 08-07-2014 - 11-07-2014, Nantes (pp. 452 - 462).

Loendersloot, R. and Freire Gomez, J. and Booker, J.D. (2014) Wind tunnel testing of a full scale helicopter blade section with an upstream active Gurney flap. In: European Rotorcraft Forum, 02-09-2014 - 05-09-2014, Southampton (pp. 1 - 13).

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