Research Group: Oppervlaktetechnologie en tribologie / Surface Technology and Tribology (STT)

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Shirazi, M. and Rooij, M.B. de and Talma, A.G. and Noordermeer, J.W.M. (2013) Adhesion of RFL-coated aramid fibres to elastomers: the role of elastomer-latex compatibility. Journal of adhesion science and technology, 27 (17). 1886 - 1898. ISSN 0169-4243

Hol, J. and Cid Alfaro, M.V. and Rooij, M.B. de and Meinders, V.T. (2012) Advanced friction modeling for sheet metal forming. Wear, 286-287 . 66 - 78. ISSN 0043-1648

Conley, P. and He, C. and Lugt, P.M. (2013) Effective Viscosity Determination for Lubrication Systems Using the Lincoln Ventmeter. Tribology transactions, 56 (5). 771 - 780. ISSN 1040-2004

Baart, P. and Zoelen, M.T. van and Lugt, P.M. (2013) Film Thickness Model for Grease-Lubricated Bearing Seals with an Axial Contacting Lip. Tribology transactions, 56 (1). 109 - 114. ISSN 1040-2004

Morales-Espejel, G.E. and Lugt, P.M. and Pasaribu, H.R. and Cen, H. (2014) Film thickness in grease lubricated slow rotating rolling bearings. Tribology international, 74 . 7 - 19. ISSN 0301-679X

Saputra, E. and Budiwan, I. and Jamari, J and Heide, E. van der (2014) Finite element analysis of artificial hip joint movement during human activities. Procedia engineering, 68 . 102 - 108. ISSN 1877-7058

Cornelissen, B. and Rooij, M.B. de and Rietman, A.D. and Akkerman, R. (2013) Frictional behaviour of high performance fibrouws tows: A contact mechanics model of tow -metal friction. Wear, 305 (1-2). 78 - 88. ISSN 0043-1648

Rooij, M.B. de and Linde, G. van der and Schipper, D.J. (2013) Modelling material transfer on a single asperity scale. Wear, 307 (1-2). 198 - 208. ISSN 0043-1648

Mokhtari, Milad and Schipper, Dirk J. and Tolpekina, Tetyana V. (2014) On the Friction of Carbon Black- and Silica-Reinforced BR and S-SBR Elastomers. Tribology letters, 54 (3). 297 - 308. ISSN 1023-8883

Heide, E. van der and Zeng, X. and Masen, M.A. (2013) Skin tribology: Science friction? Friction, 1 (2). 130 - 142. ISSN 2223-7690

Lugt, P.M. and Van Den Kommer, A. and Lindgren, H. and Deinhofer, L. (2013) The ROF+ methodology for grease life testing. NLGI Spokesman, 77 (1). 18 - 27. ISSN 0027-6782

Pasaribu, H.R. and Lugt, P.M. (2012) The composition of reaction layers on rolling bearings lubricated with gear oils and its correlation with rolling bearing performance. Tribology transactions, 55 . 351 - 356. ISSN 1040-2004

Venner, C.H. and Zoelen, M.T. van and Lugt, P.M. (2012) Thin layer flow modeling and film decay for grease lubricated bearings. Tribology international, 47 . 175 - 187. ISSN 0301-679X

Li, J.X. and Hoglund, E. and Westerberg, L.G. and Green, T.M. and Lundstrom, T.S. and Lugt, P.M. and Baart, P. (2012) μPIV measurement of grease velocity profiles in channels with two different types of flow restrictions. Tribology international, 54 . 94 - 99. ISSN 0301-679X


Lugt, P.M. (2013) Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings. John Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, UK. ISBN 9781118353912

Book Section

Zeng, X. and Zhang, S. (2013) Cell adhesion and proliferation on polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering. In: Cell Proliferation: Processes, Regulation and Disorders. Nove Science Publisher, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, USA, 133 - 148. ISBN 9781624174025

Conference or Workshop Item

Duineveld, P.N. and Brogle, B. and Venner, C.H. and Loo, S. van (2012) Development of advanced multilevel solution for journal paths including bearing deformation. In: 8th EFRC Conference for Reciprocating Compressors, Duesseldorf, Germany, 2012-09-27 - 2012-09-28, Germany (pp. 25 - 32).

Mokhtari, M. and Schipper, D.J. and Tolpekina, T.V. (2013) Friction of Carbon Black and Silica Reinforced Elastomers. In: Proceedings of 5th World Tribology Conference, 08-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Turino, Italy.

Heide, E. van der and Dillingh, J.E. and Koster, N. and Stam, E. and Weltevreden, E.R. and Gelinck, E.R.M. (2013) Grease-lubricated reciprocated sliding of a ZrO2 - Al2O3 couple in high vacuum. In: Proceedings of 5th World Tribology Conference, 08-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Turino, Italy.

Zhang, S. and Masen, M.A. and Heide, E. van der (2013) Non-uniform COntact behaviour of Human Skin in Contact with Micro-Textured Pillar Surfaces. In: Proceedings of 5th World Tribology Conference, 08-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Turino, Italy.

Heide, E. van der and Masen, M.A. and Zhang, S. and Kuilenburg, J. van and Gelinck, E.R.M. (2013) On the probability of skin damage due to frictional heating in real asperity contacts. In: Proceedings of 5th World Tribology Conference, 08-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Turino, Italy.

Zeng, X. and Hendrikson, W.J. and Yan, J. and Rouwkema, J. and Blitterswijk, C.A. van and Moroni, Lorenzo and Heide, E. van der (2013) The effect of material, structure and cell culture on the tribological performance of 3D porous scaffold for functional tissue regeneration. In: Proceedings of 5th World Tribology Conference, 08-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Turino, Italy.

Rodriguez Urribarri, A.C. and Zeng, X. and Römer, G.R.B.E. and Heide, E. van der (2014) The role of human skin condition on active touch of wood and polymers. In: 2nd International Conference on BioTribology, ICOBT2014, 11-05-2014 - 14-05-2014, Toronto, Canada.

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