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Telgen, Jan and Waerden, Jose van der (2013) 'Gemeenten moeten zelf regisseurs in dienst nemen': Interview met Professor Jan Telgen over de inrichting van de decentralisaties. Zorg en welzijn, 19 (11). 10 - 12. ISSN 1381-4664

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Iacob, M.E. and Jonkers, H. and Lankhorst, M.M. and Proper, E. and Quartel, D.A.C. (2012) ArchiMate 2.0 Specification: The Open Group. Van Haren Publishing, Zaltbommel, The Netherlands. ISBN 9789087536923

Book Section

Dalmolen, Simon and Moonen, Hans and Hillegersberg, Jos van (2015) Building a Supply Chain Ecosystem: How the Enterprise Connectivity Interface (ECI) Will Enable and Support Interorganisational Collaboration. In: Ilan Oshri & Julia Kotlarsky & Leslie P. Willcocks (Eds.), Achieving Success and Innovation in Global Sourcing: Perspectives and Practices: 9th Global Sourcing Workshop 2015, La Thuile, Italy, February 18-21, 2015, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (236). Springer, 228 - 239. ISBN 9783319267388

Hillegersberg, J. van and Moonen, H. and Dalmolen, S. (2012) Coordination as a service to enable agile business networks. In: Julia Kotlarsky & Ilan Oshri & Leslie P. Willcocks (Eds.), The Dynamics of Global Sourcing: Perspectives and Practices. 6th Global sourcing workshop 2012, Courchevel, France, March 12-15, 2013, Revised selected papers. Lecture notes in business information processing, 130 (130). Springer, Heidelberg, 164 - 174. ISBN 9783642339196

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Dalmolen, S. and Moonen, H. and Hillegersberg, J. van (2015) Towards an information architecture to enable cross chain control centers. In: Ton de Kok & Jan van Dalen & Jos van Hillegersberg (Eds.), Cross-Chain Collaboration in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain. University of Eindhoven, 111 - 122. ISBN 9789038638140

Conference or Workshop Item

Mes, Martijn and Iacob, Maria-Eugenia and Hillegersberg, Jos van (2014) A distributed barge planning game. In: 44th International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference, ISAGA 2013 and 17th IFIP WG 5.7 Workshop on Experimental Interactive Learning in Industrial Management, Cham (pp. 214 - 221).

Haneyah, S.W.A. and Schutten, J.M.J. and Schuur, P.C. and Zijm, W.H.M. (2013) Application of a generic control architecture for automated material handling system. In: 10th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO), 29-07-2013 - 31-07-2013, Reykjavik.

Dalmolen, S. and Cornelisse, E. and Moonen, H.M. and Stoter, A. (2012) Cargo's digital shadow: a blueprint to enable a cargo centric information architecture. In: e-Freight Conference 2012, 09-05-2012 - 10-05-2012, Newcastle, UK (pp. 1 - 16).

Katsma, Christiaan and Dalmolen, Simon (2013) Cross-collaborative supply chains: serious gaming via a case study. In: 44th ISAGA 2013, 24-06-2013 - 27-06-2013, Stockholm.

Arviansyah, A. and Spil, Ton A.M. and Hillegersberg, Jos van (2013) Evaluating IS/IT Projects: Emergence of Equivocality in Practice. In: AMCIS 2013, Chicago, 15-17 August, 15-08-2013 - 17-08-2013, Chicago (pp. 1480 - 1492).

Suh, Hanjun and Hillegersberg, Jos van (2013) Evolution of IT Architecture: based on Taxonomy perspective. In: International Conference on Convergence Technology (pp. 251 - 252).

Dalmolen, Simon and Moonen, Hans and Hillegersberg, Jos van (2015) Industry-wide Inter-organizational Systems and Data Quality: Exploratory findings of the use of GS1 standards in the Dutch retail market. In: 21st Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 13-08-2015 - 15-08-2015, Puerto Rico.

Keers, B.B.M. and Fenema, P.C. van and Zijm, W.H.M. (2014) Managing Organizational Fit for Successful Service Alliances. In: PMA Conference on Performance Management: Designing the High-Performance Organization, Aarhus, Denmark, 25-06-2014 - 27-06-2014 (pp. 918 - 938).

Schaff, G. and Harpes, C. and Aubigny, M. and Junger, M. and Martin, R. (2014) RISK-DET: ICT Security Awareness Aspect Combining Education and Cognitive Sciences. In: Ninth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology, ICCGI 2014, Seville, Spain, 23-06-2014, Seville, Spain.

Kooij, R. van der and Mes, M.R.K. and Hans, E.W. (2014) Simulation Framework to Analyse Operating Room Release Mechanisms. In: 2014 Winter Simulation Conference, Piscataway, New Jersey.

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Smits, Daniel and Hillegersberg, Jos van (2013) The Continuing Mismatch Between IT Governance Theory and Practice: Results from a Delphi Study with CIO’s. In: AMCIS 2013, Chicago 15-17 August, 15-08-2013 - 17-08-2013, Chicago.


Dijk, Tim van and Mes, Martijn and Schutten, Marco and Gromicho, Joaquim (2014) A unified race algorithm for offline parameter tuning. [Report]

Berg, D. van den and Heijden, M.C. van der and Schuur, P.C. (2014) Allocating service parts in two-echelon networks at a utility company. [Report]

Heeswijk, W.J.A. van and Mes, M.R.K. and Schutten, J.M.J. and Zijm, W.H.M. (2014) Freight consolidation in networkds with transshipments. [Report]

Haneyah, S.W.A. and Schutten, J.M.J. and Fikse, K. (2013) Improving the performance of sorter systems by scheduling inbound containers. [Report]

Mes, Martijn and Schutten, Marco and Perez Rivera, Arturo (2013) Inventory routing for dynamic waste collection. [Report]

Dalmolen, Simon (2014) Ketensamenwerking en de rol van GS1 Data Source in de levensmiddelen- en drogisterijsector: white paper. [Report]

Behfard, S. and Heijden, M.C. van der and Al Hanbali, A.M. and Zijm, W.H.M. (2013) Last time buy and repair decisions for spare parts. [Report]

Folmer, Erwin and Verdonk, Yvonne (2014) Linked data in beeld : Platform Linked Data Nederland. [Report]

Bruens, M.A. and Doggen, C.J.M. and Drost, A. and Hans, E.W. and Mes, M.R.K. and Snel, J.E. and Til, J.A. van and Verheij, H.J.W. and Vliegen, I.M.H. (2013) Optimale logistiek en patienten voorkeuren in de acute zorgketen; de huisartsenpost en spoedeisende hulp in een geintegreerde spoedpost. [Report]

Alvarez, E.M. and Heijden, M.C. van der and Zijm, W.H.M. (2012) Service differentiation in spare parts supply through dedicated stocks. [Report]

Alvarez, E.M. and Heijden, M.C. van der and Vliegen, I.M.H. and Zijm, W.H.M. (2012) Service differentiation through selective lateral transshipments. [Report]

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