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Book Section

Davila, Tony and Wouters, Marc (2006) Management Accounting in the Manufacturing Sector: Managing Costs at the Design and Production Stages. In: Handbooks of Management Accounting Research. Elsevier, pp. 831-858. ISBN 9780080447544

Conference or Workshop Item

Kabir, Rezaul and Li, Hao and Veld-Merkoulova, Yulia V. (2010) Executive Compensation and the Cost of Debt. In: Finance and Corporate Governance Conference 2010 , 7-9 April 2010, Melbourne, Australia.

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Bruggink, Bert (2008) De rol van aandelen binnen de coöperatieve Rabobank. [Lecture]

Bilderbeek, Jan (2008) Grensvervaging in bedrijfskundig perspectief. [Lecture]

Kabir, M. Rezaul (2010) The technology of corporate finance. [Lecture]


Kabir, Rezaul and Roosenboom, Peter (2002) Can the Stock Market Anticipate Future Operating Performance? Evidence from Equity Rights Issues. [Report]

Pallathitta, Rejie and Kabir, Rezaul and Qian, Jing (2010) Investment - Cash Flow Sensitivity and Financing Constraints: New Evidence from Indian Business Group Firms. [Report]

Kabir, Rezaul and Minhat, Marizah (2010) Multiple Compensation Consultants and CEO Pay. [Report]

Jong, Abe de and Kabir, Rezaul and Marra, Teye and Röell, Ailsa (1999) Ownership and Control in the Netherlands. [Report]


Kholopova, Maria (2006) Estimating a two-factor model for the forward curve of electricity. thesis.

Loebnitz, Kolja (2011) Liquidity risk meets economic capital and RAROC: a framework for measuring liquidity risk in banks. thesis.

He, Yizhi (2007) Real options in the energy markets. thesis.

Triest, Sander Paul van (2000) The cost structure of firms : managing fixed versus variable costs. thesis.

Morssinkhof, Sebastiaan Bernard Henny (2007) The impact of inaccurate cost information on managerial decision-making in purchasing. thesis.

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