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Vuuren, Mark van (2017) Called to do meaningful work: A blessing or a curse? Christian higher education, 16 (1-2). 47 - 54. ISSN 1536-3759

Helsper, Ellen and Deursen, Alexander J.A.M. van (2017) Do the rich get digitally richer? Quantity and quality of support for digital engagement. Information, communication and society, 20 (5). 700 - 714. ISSN 1369-118X

Figee, Edward Leopold (2017) Listen to us! Regional and local public affairs in the Dutch and European political arena. thesis.

Beldad, Ardion D. and Hegner, Sabrina M. (2017) More Photos From Me to Thee: Factors Influencing the Intention to Continue Sharing Personal Photos on an Online Social Networking (OSN) Site among Young Adults in the Netherlands. International journal of human-computer interaction, 33 (5). 410 - 422. ISSN 1044-7318

Jansma, Sikke R. and Gosselt, Jordy F. and Jong, Menno D.T. de (2017) Technological start-ups in the innovation system: an actor-oriented perspective. Technology analysis & strategic management . ISSN 0953-7325

Deursen, Alexander van and Helsper, Ellen and Eynon, Rebecca and Dijk, Jan van (2017) The Compoundness and Sequentiality of Digital Inequality. International journal of communication, 11 . 452 - 473. ISSN 1932-8036

Jong, Menno D.T. de and Karreman, Joyce (2017) The Image of User Instructions: Comparing Users' Expectations of and Experiences with an Official and a Commercial Software Manual. Technical communication, 64 (1). 38 - 49. ISSN 0049-3155

Gosselt, Jordy and Hoof, Joris van and Kokkeler, Liesbeth (2017) The framing of alcohol in (non-)sponsored movies: A comparative content analysis of alcohol advertising and portrayals in sponsored and non-sponsored Dutch movies. Drugs : education, prevention and policy, 13-03-2017 . ISSN 0968-7637

Laar, Ester van and Deursen, Alexander J.A.M. van and Dijk, Jan A.G.M. van and Haan, Jos de (2017) The relation between 21st-century skills and digital skills: A systematic literature review. Computers in human behavior, 72 . 577 - 588. ISSN 0747-5632

Beerlage-de Jong, Nienke and Wentzel, Jobke and Hendrix, Ron and Gemert-Pijnen, Lisette van (2017) The value of participatory development to support antimicrobial stewardship with a clinical decision support system. American journal of infection control . ISSN 0196-6553

Hoof, Joris J. van (2017) Underage alcohol-purchasing strategies and alcohol availability through self-checkout lanes in supermarkets. Journal of substance use . ISSN 1465-9891

Gosselt, Jordy F. and Rompay, Thomas van and Haske, Laura (2017) Won’t Get Fooled Again: The Effects of Internal and External CSR ECO-Labeling. Journal of business ethics . ISSN 0167-4544


Pijls-Hoekstra, Ruth and Groen, Brenda H. and Galetzka, M. and Pruyn, A.T.H. (2016) Images of hospitality: validation of experiential dimensions. In: EuroCHRIE conference, 26-10-2016 - 28-10-2016, Budapest.

Bronsgeest, Wouter Laurentius (2016) Meer vorm dan inhoud: onderzoek naar evaluaties van ICT-projecten bij de overheid. thesis.


Koning, K.H. and Jong, M.D.T. de and Vuuren, H.A. van (2015) Evaluating internal public relations using the critical incident technique. Journal of public relations research, 27 (1). 46 - 62. ISSN 1062-726X


Bronsgeest, Wouter (2014) De wereld van... Het aardlagenmodel. Informatie, 56 (6/aug). ISSN 0019-9907

Bronsgeest, Wouter (2014) De wereld van... Singularity. Informatie, 56 (10/dec). ISSN 0019-9907

Bronsgeest, Wouter (2014) De wereld van... Structuur of niet? Informatie, 56 (7/sept). ISSN 0019-9907

Vries, Eli and Bronsgeest, Wouter (2014) Inspelen op managementstijl cruciaal voor succes: behoefte aan evaluatie hangt sterk af van managementstijl opdrachtgever. Automatisering gids (27 augustus). ISSN 0165-4683

Bronsgeest, Wouter (2014) Social enterprise en de digitale transformatie. Informatie, 56 (10/dec). ISSN 0019-9907


Bronsgeest, W.L. (2013) De wereld van ... 'Mail to all'. Informatie, 55 (5/juni). ISSN 0019-9907

Bronsgeest, W.L. and Brongers, K. (2013) De wereld van ... Big Data en 'het systeem'. Informatie, 55 (6/juli). ISSN 0019-9907

Bronsgeest, W.L. (2013) De wereld van ... de informatieprofessional 3.0. Informatie, 55 (3/april). ISSN 0019-9907


Bronsgeest, W.L. (2012) De Wereld van ... IT, Health en de mens. Informatie, 54 (10). ISSN 0019-9907

Klunne, I. and Bronsgeest, W.L. (2012) De Wereld van ... IT-projecten en Babel. Informatie, 54 (7). ISSN 0019-9907

Bronsgeest, W.L. (2012) De Wereld van ... cybernetica. Informatie, 54 (5). ISSN 0019-9907

Bronsgeest, W.L. (2012) De Wereld van ... informatie. Informatie, 54 (3). ISSN 0019-9907

Bosman, A. and Bronsgeest, W.L. (2012) Hoe vind je de juiste ICT-professional?, Hoe kijkt de beroepsorganisatie aan tegen het ICT-onderwijs in Nederland? Informatie, 54 (2). 20 - 25. ISSN 0019-9907

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