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Bolhuis, W. and Jong, Menno D.T. de and Bosch, Annette L.M. van den (2015) Corporate rebranding: effects of corporate visual identity changes on employees and consumers. Journal of marketing communications . ISSN 1352-7266

Jansen, Marloes and Mutsvairo, Bruce and Gosselt, Jordy (2015) Freedom of Political Speech: The Use of Propaganda Techniques by Politicians During the Dutch National Elections. In: Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, 'The interdisciplinary turn in communication sciences', 02-02-2015 - 03-02-2015, Antwerpen.

Karreman, Joyce and Norel, Nienke van and Uiters, Ellen and Beaujean, Desirée (2015) Houd het simpel. Schriftelijke informatie over beroepsrisico's voor laaggeletterden. Ad Rem (VVZC), 62 (3). 6 - 9. ISSN 0774-613X

Te Vaarwerk, Manon C. and Rompay, Thomas J.L. van and Okken, Vanessa (2015) Under cover and close at hand: Embodied metaphor in packaging design. International journal of design, 9 (1). 29 - 37. ISSN 1991-3761


Westerhof, Gerben J. and Vuuren, Mark van and Brummans, Boris H.J.M. and Custers, Annette F.J. (2014) A buberian approach to the co-construction of relationships between professional caregivers and residents in nursing homes. Gerontologist, 54 (3). 354 - 362. ISSN 0016-9013

Nagelhout, G.E. and Willemsen, M.C. and Hoof, J.J. van and Pieterse, M.E. (2014) Als de inspecteurs slapen. Mysteryshoppen door jongvolwassenen bij handhaving tabak- en alcoholwetgeving en de casus van overtredingen van het rookverbod in cafes in de avond en nacht. Tijdschrift voor toezicht, 5 (3). 53 - 60. ISSN 1879-8705

Rompay, Thomas van and Verdenius, Francien and Okken, Vanessa and Pruyn, Ad (2014) Appearances can be decieving : the portayal of weight and embodied meaning portrayal in product design. In: The Colors of Care: The 9th International Conference on Design & Emotion, Bogota, Colombia, 6-10 October 2014, 06-10-2014 - 10-10-2014, Bogota, Colombia (pp. 595 - 600).

Cornelissen, P.A. and Hoof, J.J. van and Vuuren, M. van (2014) Enabling employees to work safely: the influence of motivation and ability in the design of safety instructions. Technical communication, 61 (4). 232 - 244. ISSN 0049-3155

Karreman, Joyce and Norel, Nienke D. van and Uiters, Ellen and Beaujean, Desirée (2014) How to design work related information for low-literate employees? In: Professional Communication Conference (IPCC), 2014.

Wentzel, Jobke and Velsen, Lex van and Limburg, Maarten van and Jong, Nienke de and Karreman, Joyce and Hendrix, Ron and Gemert-Pijnen, Julia Elisabeth Wilhelmina Cornelia van (2014) Participatory eHealth development to support nurses in antimicrobial stewardship. BMC medical informatics and decision making, 14 (1). 45 -. ISSN 1472-6947


Loorbach, Nicole and Karreman, Joyce and Steehouder, Michaël (2013) Confidence-increasing elements in user instructions: Seniors' reactions to verification steps and personal stories. Technical communication, 60 (3). 190 - 204. ISSN 0049-3155

Zanten, Eva van and Ploeg, Tjeerd van der and Hoof, Joris J. van and Lely, Nicolaas van der (2013) Gender, age, and educational level attribute to blood alcohol concentration in hospitalized intoxicated adolescents: A cohort study. Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research, 37 (7). 1188 - 1194. ISSN 0145-6008

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Janssen, Suzanne and Dalfsen, Carlien K.A. van and Hoof, Joris J. van and Vuuren, Mark van (2012) Balancing uniqueness and similarity: a content analysis of textual characteristics in Dutch corporate stories. Public relations review, 38 (1). 32 - 39. ISSN 0363-8111

Gosselt, Jordy F. and Rompay, Thomas J.L. van and Tolhuis, Dorien (2012) Buzzing health: health education by buzz compared to print media. International journal of health promotion and education, 50 (5). 219 - 228. ISSN 1463-5240

Hoof, J.J. van and Reijlink, Lian M.J. and Dalen, Wim E. Van (2012) Compliance with age limits for the sales of alcoholic beverages in Romania. Designing and evaluating a three year campaign. Revista de cercetare si interventie sociala, 36 . 44 - 53. ISSN 1583-3410

Hegner, Sabrina M. (2012) Development and Validation of a Trust Scale for Global Brands in Germany, India, and South Africa. In: 41th EMAC Conference : Marketing to Citizens, Going beyond Customers and Consumers, Lisbon, Portugal, 22-25 May 2012, 22-05-2012 - 25-05-2012, Lisbon, Portugal (pp. 245 - 245).

Hegner, Sabrina M. (2012) Die Relevanz des Vertrauens für das identitätsbasierte Management globaler Marken. Ein interkultureller Vergleich zwischen Deutschland, Indien und Südafrika. Springer, Gabler, Bremen. ISBN 9783834938992

Verhoeven, Joost W.M. and Hoof, Joris J. van and Keurs, Han ter and Vuuren, Mark van (2012) Effects of apologies and crisis responsibility on corporate and spokesperson reputation. Public relations review, 38 (3). 501 - 504. ISSN 0363-8111

Rompay, T.J.L. van and Vries, P.W. de and Bontekoe, F. and Tanja-Dijkstra, Karin (2012) Embodied Product Perception: Effects of Verticality Cues in Advertising and Packaging Design on Consumer Impressions and Price Expectations. Psychology & marketing, 29 (12). 919 - 928. ISSN 0742-6046

Moekotte, Esther and Karreman, Joyce and Gemert-Pijnen, Lisette van and Davidovich, Udi (2012) How to communicatie STI and HIV test results online to MSM? The barriers and motives MSM perceive in the online communication of STI and HIV test results. In: eTelemed 2012: The fourth International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine and Social Media, 30-01-2012 - 04-02-2012, Valencia, Spain.

Vuuren, M. van (2012) Job crafting voor de communicatieprofessional.

Rompay, Thomas van and Tanja-Dijkstra, Karin and Verhoeven, J.W.M. and Es, Annemiek F. van (2012) On store design and consumer motivation: Spatial control and arousal in the retail context. Environment and behavior, 44 (6). 800 - 820. ISSN 0013-9165

Janssen, Suzanne and Vuuren, Mark van and Jong, Menno D.T. de (2012) Who is your mentor? Applying self-determination theory to developmental relationships at work. In: 62nd Annual ICA Conference, 24-05-2012 - 28-05-2012, Phoenix, AZ, USA.

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