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Kottink, Anke I. and Hermens, Hermie J. and Nene, Anand V. and Tenniglo, Martin J. and Aa, Hans E. van der and Buschman, Hendrik P. and IJzerman, Maarten J. (2007) A randomized controlled trial of an implantable 2-channel peroneal nerve stimulator on walking speed and activity in poststroke hemiplegia. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 88 (8). pp. 971-978. ISSN 0003-9993

Kottink, A.I.R. and Tenniglo, M.J.B. and Vries, W.H.K. de and Hermens, H.J. and Buurke, J.H. (2012) Effects of an implantable two-channel peroneal nerve stimulator versus conventional walking device on spatiotemporal parameters and kinematics of hemiparetic gait. Journal of rehabilitation medicine, 44 (1). pp. 51-57. ISSN 1650-1977

Kottink, A.I.R. and Prange, G.B. and Krabben, T. and Rietman, J.S. and Buurke, J.H. (2014) Gaming and conventional exercises for improvement of arm function after stroke: a randomised controlled pilot study. Games for health, 3 (3). 184 - 191. ISSN 2161-783X

Kottink, Anke I. and IJzerman, Maarten J. and Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Catharina G. and Hermens, Hermie J. (2010) Measuring Quality of Life in Stroke Subjects Receiving an Implanted Neural Prosthesis for Drop Foot. Artificial Organs, 34 (5). pp. 366-376. ISSN 0160-564X

Kottink, Anke I.R. and Hermens, Hermie J. and Nene, Anand V. and Tenniglo, Martin J. and Groothuis-Oudshoorn, Catharina G. and IJzerman, Maarten J. (2008) Therapeutic effect of an implantable peroneal nerve stimulator in subjects with chronic stroke and footdrop: A randomized controlled trial. Physical Therapy, 88 (4). pp. 437-448. ISSN 0031-9023

Kottink-Hutten, Anke I.R. and Oostendorp, Linda J.M. and Buurke, Jacob H. and Nene, Anand V. and Hermens, Hermanus J. and IJzerman, Maarten J. (2004) The Orthotic Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation on the Improvement of Walking in Stroke Patients with a Dropped Foot: A Systematic Review. Artificial Organs, 28 (6). pp. 577-586. ISSN 0160-564X

Book Section

Kottink, A.I.R. and Prange, G.B. and Buurke, J.H. and Rietman, J.S. (2013) The Effect of an Arm Support Device on Recovery of Arm-Hand Function in Sub-acute Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial. In: J.L. Pons & D. Torricelli & M. Pajaro (Eds.), Converging Clinical and Engineering Research on Neurorehabilitation. Biosystems & Biorobotics (1). Springer, Toledo, Spain, 11 - 15. ISBN 9783642345456


Kottink-Hutten, Anke Ida Roza (2010) Assessment of a two-channel implantable peroneal nerve stimulator post-stroke. thesis.

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