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Shrestha, Rameswor (2010) RF power amplifier techniques for spectral efficiency and software-defined radio. thesis.


Shrestha, Rameswor and Zee, Ronan van der and Graauw, Anton de and Nauta, Bram (2009) A Wideband Supply Modulator for 20MHz RF Bandwidth Polar PAs in 65nm CMOS. IEEE journal of solid-state circuits, 44 (4). pp. 1272-1280. ISSN 0018-9200


Shrestha, R. and Zee, R.A.R. van der and Graauw, A.J.M. de and Nauta, B. (2008) A wideband supply modulator for 20MHz RF bandwidth polar PAs in 65nm CMOS. In: Symposium on VLSI Technology 2008, 17-20 June 2008, Honolulu, Hawaii (pp. pp. 92-93).


Klumperink, Eric and Shrestha, Rameswor and Mensink, Eisse and Wienk, Gerard and Ru, Zhiyu and Nauta, Bram (2007) Multipath Polyphase Circuits and their Application to RF Transceivers. In: IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2007, 27-30 May 2007, New Orleans, LA, USA (pp. pp. 273-276).

Klumperink, Eric A.M. and Shrestha, Rameswor and Mensink, Eisse and Arkesteijn, Vincent J. and Nauta, Bram (2007) Cognitive radios for dynamic spectrum access - polyphase multipath radio circuits for dynamic spectrum access. IEEE Communications Magazine, 45 (5). pp. 104-112. ISSN 0163-6804


Shrestha, R. and Klumperink, E.A.M. and Mensink, E. and Wienk, G.J.M. and Nauta, B. (2006) A Wideband Flexible Power Upconverter for Software Defined Radios. In: ProRISC 2006, 17th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 23-24 November 2006, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 85-89).

Shrestha, R. and Mensink, E. and Klumperink, E.A.M. and Wienk, G.J.M. and Nauta, B. (2006) A Multipath Technique Cancelling Harmonics and Sidebands in a Wideband Power Upconverter. In: IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, ISSCC 2006, 6-9 February 2006, San Francisco, CA, USA (pp. pp. 1800-1809).

Shrestha, Rameswor and Klumperink, Eric A.M. and Mensink, Eisse and Wienk, Gerard J.M. and Nauta, Bram (2006) A Polyphase Multipath Technique for Software-Defined Radio Transmitters. IEEE journal of solid-state circuits, 41 (12). pp. 2681-2692. ISSN 0018-9200

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