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Skutsch, M. and McCall, M.K. and Larrazabal, A. (2014) Balancing views on community monitoring, the case of REDD+ : a response to "towards a more balanced view on the potentials of locally-based monitoring". Biodiversity and conservation, 23 (1). 233 - 236. ISSN 0960-3115


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McCall, Michael K. (2013) Review of 'Molly Doane (2012) Stealing shining rivers : agrarian conflict, market logic, and conservation in a Mexican forest'. [Review of the book Stealing shining rivers : agrarian conflict, market logic, and conservation in a Mexican forest (2012), Doane, Molly, ed.] Canadian journal of Latin American and Caribbean studies, 37 (74) , The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 251 - 254. ISSN 0826-3663

Spanu, V. and McCall, M.K. (2013) Eliciting local spatial knowledge for community - based disaster risk management : working with Cybertracker in Georgian Caucasus. International journal of E-planning research, 2 (2). 45 - 59. ISSN 2160-9926


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Skutsch, M. and McCall, M.K. (2012) The role of community forest management in REDD+. Unasylva, 63 (239). 51 - 56. ISSN 0041-6436


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Skutsch, Margaret and Vickers, Ben and Georgiadou, Yola and McCall, Michael (2011) Alternative models for carbon payments to communities under REDD+: A comparison using the Polis model of actor inducements. Environmental science & policy, 14 (2). pp. 140-151. ISSN 1462-9011

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Knowles, Tony and McCall, Michael and Skutsch, Margaret and Theron, Leon (2010) Preparing community forestry for REDD+: engaging local communities in the mapping and MRV requirements of REDD+. In: Xianli Zhu & Lea Ravnkilde Moller & Thanakvaro De Lopes & Mauricio Zaballa Romero (Eds.), Pathways for Implementing REDD+: experiences from carbon markets and communities. Perspectives series 2010 . UNEO, pp. 141-151. ISBN 9788755038547

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Minang, Peter A. and McCall, Michael K. and Skutsch, Margaret M. and Verplanke, Jeroen J. (2007) A data support infrastructure for Clean Development Mechanism forestry implementation: an inventory perspective from Cameroon. Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change, 13 (2). pp. 156-178. ISSN 1381-2386


McCall, M.K. and Skutsch, M.M. (1993) Taungya farmers of Hambantota. [Report]


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McCall, M.K. (1985) The significance of distance constraints in peasant farming systems with special reference to sub-Saharan Africa. Applied geography, 5 (4). pp. 325-345. ISSN 0143-6228

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