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Jong, M.F. de and Borsje, B.W. and Wal, J.T. van der and Baptist, M.J. and Lindeboom, H.J. and Hoekstra, P. (2016) Ecosystem-based design rules for marine sand extraction sites. Ecological engineering, 87 . 271 - 280. ISSN 0925-8574

Vuik, V. and Jonkman, S.N. and Borsje, B.W. and Suzuki, T. (2016) Nature-based flood protection: the efficiency of vegetated foreshores for reducing wave loads on coastal dikes. Coastal engineering, 116 . 42 - 56. ISSN 0378-3839

Willemsen, P.W.J.M. and Horstman, E.M. and Borsje, B.W. and Friess, D.A. and Dohmen-Janssen, C.M. (2016) Sensitivity of the sediment trapping capacity of an estuarine mangrove forest. Geomorphology, 273 . 189 - 201. ISSN 0169-555X


Borsje, B.W. and Bouma, T.J. and Rabaut, M. and Herman, P.M.J. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (2014) Formation and erosion of biogeomorphological structures: A model study on the tube-building polychaete Lanice conchilega. Limnology and oceanography, 59 (4). 1297 - 1309. ISSN 0024-3590

Borsje, B.W. and Kranenburg, W.M. and Roos, P.C. and Matthieu, J. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (2014) The role of suspended load transport in the occurrence of tidal sand waves. Journal of geophysical research. Earth surface, 119 (4). 701 - 716. ISSN 2169-9003


Borsje, B.W. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. and Herman, P.M.J. (2013) Coupling underwater life and its landscape. In: NCK-days 2013, Delft (pp. 1 - 1).

Borsje, B.W. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. and Herman, P.M.J. and Degraer, S. (2013) Biogeomorphological self-organization in sandy shelf seas. In: MARID 2013, 4th International Conference on Marine and River Dune Dynamics. Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and SHOM., 15-04-2013 - 17-04-2013, Oostende, Belgium (pp. 53 - 57).

Borsje, B.W. and Roos, P.C. and Kranenburg, W.M. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (2013) Modeling tidal sand wave formation in a numerical shallow water model: the role of turbulence formulation. Continental shelf research, 60 . 17 - 27. ISSN 0278-4343

Luijendijk, A.P. and Borsje, B.W. and Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (2013) Building with nature in the coastal environment and field applications. Environment coastal & offshore, Jan/Febr . 36 - 45. ISSN 2327-3445

Tonnon, P.K. and Borsje, B.W. and Jong, M. de (2013) BWN HK2.4 Eco-Morphological design of landscaped mining pits. [Report]


Borsje, B.W. (2012) Biogeomorphology of coastal seas. How benthic organisms, hydrodynamics and sediment dynamic shape tidal sand waves. thesis.

Borsje, B.W. and Cronin, K. and Holzhauer, H. and Mesel, I. de and Ysebaert, T. and Hibma, A. (2012) Biogeomorphological interactions on a nourished tidal flat: lessons learned on building with nature. Terra et aqua, 126 . 3 - 12. ISSN 0376-6411


Borsje, B.W. and Wesenbeeck, B.K. van and Dekker, F. and Paalvast, P. and Bouma, J. and Katwijk, M.M. van and Vries, M.B. de (2011) How ecological engineering can serve in coastal protection. Ecological engineering, 37 (2). pp. 113-122. ISSN 0925-8574


Borsje, B.W. and Vries, M.B. de and Bouma, T.J. and Besio, G. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. and Herman, P.M.J. (2009) Modeling bio-geomorphological influences for offshore sandwaves. Continental Shelf Research, 29 (9). pp. 1289-1301. ISSN 0278-4343

Borsje, B.W. and Hulscher, S.J.M.H. and Herman, P.M.J. and Vries, M.B. de (2009) On the parameterization of biological influences on offshore sand wave dynamics. Ocean dynamics, 59 (5). pp. 659-670. ISSN 1616-7341


Borsje, Bas W. and Vries, Mindert B. de and Hulscher, Suzanne J.M.H. and Boer, Gerben J. de (2008) Modeling large-scale cohesive sediment transport affected by small-scale biological activity. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 78 (3). pp. 468-480. ISSN 0272-7714

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