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Salm, Cora and Hoekstra, Eric and Kolhatkar, Jay S. and Hof, André J. and Wallinga, Hans and Schmitz, Jurriaan (2007) Low-frequency noise in hot-carrier degraded nMOSFETs. Microelectronics Reliability, 47 (4-5). pp. 577-580. ISSN 0026-2714


Salm, C. and Hoekstra, E. and Kolhatkar, J.S. and Hof, A.J. and Wallinga, H. and Schmitz, J. (2006) Low-Frequency noise in hot-carrier degraded MOSFETs. In: 14th workshop on dielectrics in microelectronics WODIM, 26-28 june 2006, Santa Tecla, Italy (pp. pp. 64-65).

Salm, C. and Hof, A.J. and Kuper, F.G. and Schmitz, J. (2006) Reduced temperature dependence of hot carrier degradation in deuterated nMOSFETs. Microelectronics Reliability, 46 (9-11). pp. 1617-1622. ISSN 0026-2714


Hof, A.J. and Hoekstra, E. and Kovalgin, A.Y. and Schaijk, R. van and Baks, W.M. and Schmitz, J. (2005) The Impact of Deuterated CMOS processing on Gate Oxide Reliability. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 52 (9). pp. 2111-2115. ISSN 0018-9383

Hof, A.J. and Kovalgin, A.Y. and Woerlee, P.H. and Schmitz, J. (2005) On the Oxidation Kinetics of Silicon in Ultradiluted H2O and D2O Ambient. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 152 (9). F133-F137. ISSN 0013-4651

Kolhatkar, Jay and Hoekstra, Eric and Hof, André and Salm, Cora and Schmitz, Jurriaan and Wallinga, Hans (2005) Impact of hot-carrier degradation on the low-frequency noise in MOSFETs under steady-state and periodic large-signal excitation. IEEE electron device letters, 26 (10). pp. 764-766. ISSN 0741-3106

Kovalgin, A.Y. and Hof, A.J. and Schmitz, J. (2005) An approach to modeling of silicon oxidation in a wet ultra-diluted ambient. Microelectronic Engineering, 80 . pp. 432-435. ISSN 0167-9317


Hof, A.J. (2004) Deuterium in the gate dielectric of CMOS devices. thesis.

Hof, A.J. and Kovalgin, A.Y. and Schmitz, J. and Schaijk, R. van and Baks, W.M. (2004) Gate Oxide Reliability and Deuterated CMOS Processing. In: IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop, 18-21 October 2004, Lake Tahoe, USA (pp. pp. 7-10).

Schmitz, J. and Weusthof, M.H.H. and Hof, A.J. (2004) Leakage current correction in quasi-static C-V measurements. In: International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures, ICMTS, 22-25 March 2004, Awaji Yumebutai, Japan (pp. pp. 179-181).


Hof, A.J. and Kovalgin, A.Y. and Woerlee, P.H. and Schmitz, J. (2003) On oxidation kinetics and electrical quality of gate oxide grown in H2O or D2O ambient. In: 6th Annual Workshop on Semiconductor Advances for Future Electronics and Sensors, SAFE 2003, 25-26 November 2003, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 743-747).


Hof, A.J. and Kovalgin, A.Y. and Woerlee, P.H. (2002) Comparison of H2O and D2O oxidation kinetics of <100> silicon. In: 5th Annual Workshop on Semiconductors Advances for Future Electronics, SAFE 2002, 27-28 November 2002, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 35-38).


Hof, A.J. and Holleman, J. and Woerlee, P.H. (2001) Gate current for p+-poly PMOS devices under gate injection conditions. In: 4th Annual Workshop on Semiconductor Advances for Future Electronics and Sensors, SAFE 2001, 28-30 Nov 2001, Veldhoven, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 72-75).

Nguyen, V.H. and Hof, A.J. and Kranenburg, H. van and Woerlee, P.H. and Weimar, F. (2001) Copper chemical mechanical polishing using a slurry-free technique. Microelectronic Engineering, 55 (1-4). pp. 305-312. ISSN 0167-9317

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