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Cho, Yong Ku and Zheng, Guoan and Augustine, George J. and Hochbaum, Daniel and Cohen, Adam and Knopfel, Thomas and Pisanello, Ferruccio and Pavone, Francesco S. and Vellekoop, I.M. and Booth, Martin J. and Hu, Song and Zhu, Jiang and Chen, Zhongping and Hoshi, Yoko (2016) Roadmap on Neurophotonics. Journal of optics, 18 (9). 093007 -. ISSN 2040-8978

Ojambati, O.S. and Mosk, A.P. and Vellekoop, I.M. and Lagendijk, A. and Vos, W.L. (2016) Energy density distribution of shaped waves inside scattering media mapped onto a complete set of diffusion modes. .

Ojambati, O.S. and Mosk, A.P. and Vellekoop, I.M. and Lagendijk, A. and Vos, W.L. (2016) Mapping the energy density of shaped waves in scattering media onto a complete set of diffusion modes. Optics express, 24 (16). 18525 - 18540. ISSN 1094-4087

Osnabrugge, Gerwin and Leedumrongwatthanakun, Saroch and Vellekoop, Ivo M. (2016) A convergent Born series for solving the inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation in arbitrarily large media. Journal of computational physics, 322 . 113 - 124. ISSN 0021-9991


Jang, Mooseok and Ruan, Haowen and Vellekoop, Ivo M. and Judkewitz, Benjamin and Chung, Euiheon and Yang, Changhuei (2015) Relation between speckle decorrelation and optical phase conjugation (OPC)- based turbidity suppression through dynamic scattering media: a study on in vivo mouse skin. Biomedical optics express, 6 (1). 72 - 85. ISSN 2156-7085

Judkewitz, Benjamin and Horstmeyer, Roarke and Vellekoop, Ivo M. and Papadopoulos, Ioannis N. and Yang, Changhuei (2015) Translation correlations in anisotropically scattering media. Nature physics, 11 . 684 - 689. ISSN 1745-2473

Vellekoop, I.M. (2015) Feedback-based wavefront shaping. Optics express, 23 (9). 12189 - 12206. ISSN 1094-4087


Chandrasekaran, S. and Ligtenberg, H. and Steenbergen, W. and Vellekoop, I.M. (2014) Using Digital Micromirror Devices for focusing light through turbid media. In: Conference on Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications VI, 04-02-2014 - 05-02-2015, San Francisco (pp. 1 - 10).


Horstmeyer, R. and Judkewitz, B. and Vellekoop, I.M. and Yang, Changhuei (2013) Secure Storage of Cryptographic Keys within Random Volumetric Materials. In: CLEO: Applications and Technology, 09-06-2013 - 14-06-2013, San Jose, California USA (pp. AF1H6 -).

Horstmeyer, R. and Judkewitz, B. and Yang, C. and Vellekoop, I.M. (2013) Physical key-protected one time pad. Patent.


Vellekoop, I.M. and Cui, Meng and Yang, Changhuei (2012) Digital optical phase conjugation of fluorescence in turbid tissue. Applied physics letters, 101 (8). 081108 - . ISSN 0003-6951


Peeters, W.H. and Vellekoop, I.M. and Mosk, A.P. and Lagendijk, A. (2008) Wavelength dependence of light diffusion in strongly scattering macroporous gallium phosphide. Physical Review A: Atomic, molecular, and optical physics, 77 (3). 035803. ISSN 1050-2947

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Vellekoop, I.M. and Mosk, A.P. (2008) Phase control algorithms for focusing light through turbid media. Optics Communications, 281 (11). pp. 3071-3080. ISSN 0030-4018

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Vellekoop, Ivo Micha (2008) Controlling the propagation of light in disordered scattering media. thesis.


Vellekoop, I.M. and Mosk, A.P. (2007) Focusing coherent light through opaque strongly scattering media. Optics Letters, 32 (16). pp. 2309-2311. ISSN 0146-9592


Vellekoop, I.M. and Lodahl, P. and Lagendijk, A. (2005) Determination of the diffusion constant using phase-sensitive measurements. Physical Review E: Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics, 71 (5). 056604. ISSN 1539-3755

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