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Broucker, B. and Wit, K. de and Leisyte, L. (2015) An evaluation of new public management in higher education: Same rationale, different implementation. In: EAIR 37th Annual Forum 2015 "From here to there: Positioning higher education institutions", 30-08-2015 - 02-09-2015, Krems, Austria.

Broucker, B. and Wit, K. de and Leisyte, L. (2015) New public management or new public governance for the higher education sector? An international comparison. In: EGPA Annual Conference, 26-08-2015 - 28-08-2015, Toulouse.

Dayican, B. and Leisyte, L. (2015) Soziale Bewegungen von Akademikern: Neue Akteure im System der Hochschulsteuerung? In: 10. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung, 08-04-2015 - 10-04-2015, Kassel.

Leisyte, L. (2015) Changing academic identities in the context of a managerial university – bridging the duality between professions and organizations evidence from the U.S. and Europe. In: William K. Cummings & Ulrich Teichler (Eds.), The relevance of academic work in comparative perspective. The changing academy, 13 (13). Springer, Dordrecht, 59 - 73. ISBN 9783319117669

Leisyte, Liudvika (2015) Understanding knowledge disclosure of bioscientists: more than a question of contextual and organizational ambidexterity? [Working Paper]

Leisyte, Liudvika (2015) How international is peer review?

Leisyte, Liudvika (2015) To merge or not to merge?

Leisyte, Liudvika and Zelvys, Rimantas and Zenkiene, Lina (2015) Re-contextualization of the Bologna process in Lithuania. European journal of higher education, 5 (1). 49 - 67. ISSN 2156-8235

Logermann, Frauke and Leisyte, Liudvika (2015) Students as Stakeholders in the Policy Context of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions. In: Adrian Curaj & Liviu Matei & Remus Pricopie & Jamil Salmi & Peter Scott (Eds.), The European Higher Education Area: Between Critical Reflections and Future Policies. Springer, 685 - 701. ISBN 9783319187679

May, D. and Hosch-Dayican, B. and Leisyte, L. and Lensing, K. and Sigl, L. and Terkowsky, C. (2015) Entrepreneurship and gender in higher engineering education in Germany. In: 43rd Annual SEFI Conference, 29-06-2015 - 02-07-2015, Orleans, France.


Dobbins, Michael and Leisyte, Liudvika (2014) Analysing the Transformation of Higher Education Governance in Bulgaria and Lithuania. Public management review, 16 (7). 987 - 1010. ISSN 1471-9037

Leisyte, L. (2014) The Balance between Teaching and Research in Dutch and English Universities in the context of university governance reforms. In: AERA conference “Disciplined Inquiry: Education Research in the Circle of Knowledge” San Diego, CA, April 13-17, 13-04-2009 - 17-04-2009, San Diego.

Leisyte, L. (2014) The Transformation of University Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: its Antecendents and Consequences. In: Sjur Bergan & Eva Egron-Polak & Jürgen Kohler & Lewis Purser & Athanassia Spyropoulou (Eds.), Leadership and Governance in Higher Education: handbook for decision-makers and administrators, vol. 1, E 1-4. Raabe Verlag. ISBN 9783818305598

Leisyte, L. and Chatterjee, Debabrata (2014) Organizational responses to vertically nested institutional logics. A study of two universities from Dutch and Indian research systems. In: Reimagining, rethinking, reshaping: organizational scholarship in unsettled times: 305h EGOS colloquium, Rotterdam, July 3-5, 2014, 03-07-2014 - 05-07-2014, Rotterdam.

Leisyte, L. and Dayican, B. (2014) Medieval historians crossing boundaries: implications for their identities. In: CHER Annual conference, 27th, Rome, Italy, 8 September 2014, 08-09-2014 - 10-09-2014, Rome, Italy.

Leisyte, L. and Dayican, B. (2014) Towards new actor constellations in higher education and research governance: the emergence of academics' political movements. In: Science and innovation policy: dynamics, challenges, responsibility and practive: Eu-SPRI conference, June 20, 2014, Manchester, UK, 18-06-2014 - 20-06-2014, Manchester, UK (pp. 167 - 168).

Leisyte, L. and Hosch-Dayican, B. (2014) Managerial universities and a gendered functional differentiation of academic work: a case of a Dutch university. In: ASA American Sociological Association 109th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, August 16, 2014, 16-08-2014 - 19-08-2014, San Francisco.

Leisyte, Liudvika (2014) Academic identities at the crossroads: bridging the duality between academic profession and university organization. In: INCHER-Kassel Brown-bag lunch, 30. April 2014, 30-04-2014, Kassel.

Leisyte, Liudvika (2014) Understanding academic work in a changing institutional environment. In: EPIC seminar at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden, February 7, 2014, 07-02-2014.

Leisyte, Liudvika and Hosch-Dayican, Bengü (2014) Changing academic roles and shifting gender inequalities: a case analysis of the influence of the teaching-research nexus on the academic career prospects of female academics in The Netherlands. Journal of workplace rights, 17 (3/4). 467 - 490. ISSN 1938-4998

Leisyte, Liudvika and Hosch-Dayican, Bengü (2014) Das Verhältnis von Forschung und Lehre und die Zukunft der akademischen Karrieren: eine Fallstudie der genderspezifischen Arbeitsteilung an einer niederländischen Universität. Journal Hochschuldidaktik, 25 (1/2). 5 - 9. ISSN 0949-2429

Leisyte, Liudvika and Westerheijden, Don F. (2014) Stakeholders and quality assurance in higher education. In: Heather Eggins (Ed.), Drivers and barriers to achieving quality in higher education. Sense Publishers, Lausanne, 83 - 98. ISBN 9789462094932

Leisyte, Liudvika and Westerheijden, Don F. (2014) Research evaluation and its implications for academic research in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Discussion papers (01-2014). Technische Universität Dortmond, Zentrum für HochschulBildung, Dortmund.


Butler, J. and Fajnor, R. and Doona, A. and Schmohl, M. and Valius, S. and Bieliauskaite, R. and Leisyte, L. (2013) Institutional Review Report of Vilnius Academy of Arts. [Report]

Leisyte, L. (2013) Students' agency in universities' internal quality assurance in Europe: Presentation at the round table: "Student Evaluations of Teaching: Structuring Pedagogy, Academic Work And University Leadership". In: ECER 2013, European Conference on Educational Research, Istanbul, 9-13 September 2013, 09-09-2013 - 13-09-2013, Istanbul.

Leisyte, L. (2013) Being an academic in Europe and in the U.S.: role differentiation, shifting identities and protected spaces. In: Belgium University Foundation Ethical Forum 2013, "The academic’s burden. University professors under perverse pressure?", Brussels, 21 November 2013, 21-11-2013, Brussels.

Leisyte, L. (2013) Changes in Lithuanian Higher Education and Research: Being at the Crossroads. In: International Futura Scientia Workshop “Soviet Past and European Future: Endless Transition in Higher Education and Research”, International School of Management, Vilnius, November 15, 15-11-2013, Vilnius.

Leisyte, L. (2013) An Entrepreneurial University and its Socio-Economical Context. In: Leuphana University of Lüneburg BMBF funded workshop “Strategic Change and Organizational Transformation of Higher Education Institutions”, Lüneburg, November 22, 22-11-2013, Lüneburg.

Leisyte, L. (2013) Gender policies in higher education in Europe. Conclusion of Reforms in Higher Education in Mozambique (COHERE). [Report]

Leisyte, L. and Epping, E. and Faber, M. (2013) IBAR WP11: The National study (Information and Quality), the Netherlands. [Report]

Leisyte, L. and Hoed, M. van der (2013) Case study visit report: Lithuania. [Report]

Leisyte, L. and Westerheijden, D.F. and Epping, E. and Faber, M. and Weert, E. de (2013) Stakeholders’ involvement in quality assurance in higher education. In: EU Life Long Learning Programme project IBAR closing conference, Prague, November 10-12, 10-11-2013 - 12-11-2013, Prague.

Leisyte, Liudvika and Hosch-Dayican, Bengü (2013) Changing academic roles and shifting gender inequalities: A case analysis of the influence of teaching-research nexus on academic career perspectives of female academics in the Netherlands. In: 8th International Conference in Critical Management Studies.

Leisyte, Liudvika and Westerheijden, Don F. (2013) Students as stakeholders in quality assurance in eight European countries. Aukštojo mokslo kokybė = Quality of higher education, 2014 (10). 12 - 27. ISSN 1822-1645

Leisyte, Liudvika and Westerheijden, Don F. and Epping, Elisabeth and Faber, Marike and Weert, Egbert de (2013) Stakeholders and quality assurance in higher education. In: 26th annual CHER conference, Lausanne, 9-11 September 2013, 09-09-2013 - 11-09-2013, Lausanne.

Leisyte, Liudvika and Westerheijden, Donald (2013) Research evaluation and its implications for academic research in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. In: Crisis and contingency: states of (in)stability; June 25-27th, 25-06-2013 - 27-06-2013 (pp. 1 - 39).

Pedrosa, J. and Amourgis, S. and Gologan, D. and Erk, N. and Leban, I. and Leisyte, L. (2013) Riga Technical University Evaluation Report. [Report]

Toft-Jensen, H. and Noorda, S.J. and Rousseau, P. and Carvalho, R.C.F. de and Leisyte, L. (2013) Bucharest University Evaluation Report. [Report]

Vossensteyn, J.J. and Cremonini, L. and Epping, E. and Laudel, G. and Leisyte, L. (2013) International experiences with student financing: tuition fees and student financial support in perspective, final report. [Report]

Westerheijden, D.F. and Epping, E. and Faber, Marike and Leisyte, L. and Weert, E. de (2013) Comparative Report WP9: Stakeholders. [Report]

Westerheijden, D.F. and Faber, M. and Leisyte, L. and Weert, E. de (2013) IBAR WP12: The National study (Higher Education Quality and Secondary Education), the Netherlands. [Report]

Westerheijden, Don F. and Epping, Elisabeth and Faber, Marike and Leisyte, Liudvika and Weert, Egbert de (2013) Stakeholders and quality assurance. Journal of the European higher education area, 2013 (4). 71 - 86. ISSN 2192-0109


Leisyte, L. (2012) Project report funding of higher education in Europe: issues and trends. [Report]

Leisyte, L. (2012) Michael Dobbins: Higher education policies in Central and Eastern Europe: convergence towards a common model? [Review of the book ] Sociologický casopis = Czech sociological review, 48 , 1205 - 1207. ISSN 0038-0288

Leisyte, L. (2012) Varieties of Capitalism and the Entrepreneurial University: A Common Template but Diverse Practice? In: Global Shifts: Implications for Business, Government and Labour, SASE 24th annual conference, Cambridge, MA, June 28-30, 2012, 28-06-2012 - 30-06-2012, Cambridge, MA.

Leisyte, L. and Dayican, B. and He, Q. (2012) Gender and changing academic work roles: A case study of a Dutch university. In: 7th European conference on gender equality in higher education, 2012-08-29 - 2012-08-31, Bergen, Norway.

Leisyte, L. and Enders, J. (2012) International Higher Education Monitor. A Country Report. United States. [Report]

Leisyte, L. and Epping, E. (2012) IBAR WP10: The National study: quality and teaching staff, the Netherlands. [Report]

Leisyte, L. and Epping, E. (2012) The National study: quality and stakeholders (WP 9). [Report]

Leisyte, L. (2012) Funding universities: European trends, invited key-note. In: Conference: Higher Education Future Scenarios, Vilnius.

Leisyte, L. (2012) Local responses to global templates. The case of the entrepreneurial university. In: 28th EGOS Colloquium "Design", Helsinki.

Leisyte, L. (2012) Gender in academic leadership: challenges and perspectives. In: 7th FFNT conference on gender in academic leadership.

Leisyte, L. (2012) Understanding academic work in the changing institutional environment: faculty autonomy, productivity and identity in Europe and the U.S. In: Conference ‘Changing Conditions and Changing Approaches of Academic Work’, Berlin.

Leisyte, L. and Bijker, W. and Hosch-Dayican, B. and He, Q. (2012) FFNT 2012 survey report. [Report]

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Leisyte, L. and Jansen, A.M. and Bijker, W. and Luttge, R. (2012) FFNT yearly report. [Report]

Westerheijden, D.F. and Epping, E. and Leisyte, L. (2012) National study: WP5 Quality Assurance Systems. [Report]


Leisyte, L. and Epping, E. and Faber, M. (2011) IBAR WP7: The national study (Quality and Students) the Netherlands. [Report]

Leisyte, L. and Epping, E. and Faber, M. and Weert, E. de (2011) National study: Quality and Access (WP 6) the Netherlands. [Report]

Leisyte, Liudvika (2011) University commercialization policies and their implementation in the Netherlands and the United States. Science and Public Policy, 38 (6). pp. 437-448. ISSN 0302-3427


Benneworth, Paul and Dassen, Adrie and Faber, Marike and Leisyte, Liudvika and Vossensteyn, Hans (2010) Models for university co-operation strengthening national knowledge economies : a policy analysis. [Report]


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Kaiser, Frans and Beverwijk, Jasmin and Dassen, Adrie and Deen, Jarno and Jongbloed, Ben and Kaulisch, Marc and Kottmann, Andrea and Leisyte, Liudvika and Vossensteyn, Hans and Weert, Egbert de (2007) Issues in higher education policy 2006 : an update on higher education policy issues in 2006 in 10 Western countries. Beleidsgerichte studies Hoger onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk onderzoek ; 127 . Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Den Haag. ISBN 9789059101661

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Leisyte, Liudvika (2007) Higher education in the United Kingdom : IHEM Country report. [Report]


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File, Jon and Beerkens, Eric and Leisyte, Liudvika and Salerno, Carlo (2005) Vitis Vinifera, the City of Traders and Micro-climates. In: Jurgen Enders (Ed.), The European higher education and research landscape 2020: scenarios and strategic debates. University of Twente, CHEPS, Enschede, pp. 85-94. ISBN 9789036522960

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