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Bat, E. and Zhang Zheng, Z.Z. and Feijen, J. and Grijpma, D.W. and Poot, A.A. (2014) Biodegradable elastomers for biomedical applications and regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine, 9 (3). 385 - 398. ISSN 1746-0751


Bat, E. and Kooten, T.G. van and Harmsen, M.C. and Plantinga, J.A. and Luyn, M.J.A. van and Feijen, J. and Grijpma, D.W. (2013) Physical properties and erosion behavior of poly(trimethylene carbonate-co-ε-caprolactone) networks. Macromolecular bioscience, 13 (5). 573 - 583. ISSN 1616-5187

Moonen, P. and Bat, E. and Voorthuijzen, P. and Huskens, J. (2013) Soft-lithographic patterning of room termperature-sintering Ag Nanoparticles on foil. RSC advances, 3 (40). 18498 - 18505. ISSN 2046-2069


Bat, E. and Jonkheijm, P. and Amerongen, A. van (2012) Stamp for making a microarray of biomolecules. Patent.


Bat, Erhan (2010) Elastomeric networks based on trimethylene carbonate polymers for biomedical applications : physical properties and degradation behaviour. thesis.

Bat, Erhan and Feijen, Jan and Grijpma, Dirk W. (2010) Biodegradable Elastomeric Networks: Highly Efficient Cross-Linking of Poly(trimethylene carbonate) by Gamma Irradiation in the Presence of Pentaerythritol Triacrylate. Biomacromolecules, 11 (10). pp. 2692-2699. ISSN 1525-7797

Bat, Erhan and Kothman, Bas H.M. and Higuera Sierra, Gustavo Andrés and Blitterswijk, Clemens A. van and Feijen, Jan and Grijpma, Dirk W. (2010) Ultraviolet light crosslinking of poly(trimethylene carbonate) for elastomeric tissue engineering scaffolds. Biomaterials, 31 (33). pp. 8696-8705. ISSN 0142-9612


Bat, Erhan and Kooten, Theo G. van and Feijen, Jan and Grijpma, Dirk W. (2009) Macrophage-mediated erosion of gamma irradiated poly(trimethylene carbonate) films. Biomaterials, 30 (22). pp. 3652-3661. ISSN 0142-9612


Bat, E. and Grijpma, D.W. and Feijen, J. (2008) Thermoreversible gelation behaviour of PTMC-PEG-PTMC triblock copolymers. Journal of Controlled Release, 132 (3). e37-e39. ISSN 0168-3659

Bat, Erhan and Plantinga, Josée A. and Harmsen, Martin C. and Luyn, Marja J.A. van and Zhang, Zheng and Grijpma, Dirk W. and Feijen, Jan (2008) Trimethylene Carbonate and -Caprolactone Based (co)Polymer Networks: Mechanical Properties and Enzymatic Degradation. Biomacromolecules, 9 (11). pp. 3208-3215. ISSN 1525-7797

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