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Shukla, Sushumna and Wit, Patrick de and Luiten-Olieman, Mieke W.J. and Kappert, Emiel J. and Nijmeijer, Arian and Benes, Nieck E. (2015) Synthesis of Porous Inorganic Hollow Fibers without Harmful Solvents. ChemSusChem, 8 (2). 251 - 254. ISSN 1864-5631


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Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J. (2012) Inorganic porous hollow fiber membranes : with tunable small radial dimensions. thesis.

Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J. and Raaijmakers, M.J.T. and Winnubst, A.J.A. and Bor, T.C. and Wessling, M. and Nijmeijer, A. and Benes, N.E. (2012) Towards a generic method for inorganic porous hollow fibers preparation with shrinkage-controlled small radial dimensions, applied to Al2O3, Ni, SiC, stainless steel, and YSZ. Journal of membrane science, 407-408 . 155 - 163. ISSN 0376-7388

Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J. and Winnubst, A.J.A. and Bor, T.C. and Wessling, M. and Nijmeijer, A. and Benes, N.E. (2012) A Generic Method for Inorganic Porous Hollow Fibers Preparation with Shrinkage-controlled Small Radial Dimensions. Procedia engineering, 44 . 644 - 645. ISSN 1877-7058

Zwijnenberg, H.J. and Dutczak, S.M. and Boerrigter, M.E. and Hempenius, M.A. and Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J. and Benes, N.E. and Wessling, M. and Stamatialis, D. (2012) Important factors influencing molecular weight cut-off determination of membranes in organic solvents. Journal of membrane science, 390-391 . 211 - 217. ISSN 0376-7388


Aran, H.C. and Pacheco Benito, S. and Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J. and Er, S. and Wessling, M. and Lefferts, L. and Benes, N.E. and Lammertink, R.G.H. (2011) Carbon nanofibers in catalytic membrane microreactors. Journal of Membrane Science, 381 (1-2). 244 - 250. ISSN 0376-7388

Luiten-Olieman, Mieke W.J. and Raaijmakers, Michiel J.T. and Winnubst, Louis and Wessling, Matthias and Nijmeijer, Arian and Benes, Nieck E. (2011) Porous stainless steel hollow fibers with shrinkage-controlled small radial dimensions. Scripta Materialia, 65 (1). pp. 25-28. ISSN 1359-6462

Luiten-Olieman, Mieke W.J. and Winnubst, Louis and Nijmeijer, Arian and Wessling, Matthias and Benes, Nieck E. (2011) Porous stainless steel hollow fiber membranes via dry–wet spinning. Journal of Membrane Science, 370 (1-2). pp. 124-130. ISSN 0376-7388


Luiten, M.W.J. and Benes, Nieck E. and Huiskes, Cindy and Kruidhof, Henk and Nijmeijer, Arian (2010) Robust method for micro-porous silica membrane fabrication. Journal of Membrane Science, 348 (1-2). pp. 1-5. ISSN 0376-7388


Aguado, Sonia and McLeary, E.E. and Nijmeijer, Arian and Luiten, Mieke and Jansen, Jacobus C. and Kapteijn, Freek (2009) b-Oriented MFI membranes prepared from porous silica coatings. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 120 (1-2). pp. 165-169. ISSN 1387-1811


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Sekulic, J. and Luiten, M.W.J. and Elshof, J.E. ten and Benes, N.E. and Keizer, K. (2002) Microporous silica and doped silica membrane for alcohol dehydration by pervaporation. Desalination, 148 (1-3). pp. 19-23. ISSN 0011-9164

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