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Gogu, Ada and Nace, Dritan and Chatterjea, Supriyo and Dilo, Arta (2014) Max-Min fair link quality in WSN based on SINR. Journal of applied mathematics, 2014 . ISSN 1110-757X

Seraj, Fatjon and Zwaag, Berend Jan van der and Dilo, Arta and Luarasi, Tamara and Havinga, Paul (2014) RoADS: a road pavement monitoring system for anomaly detection using smart phones. In: 1st International Workshop on Machine Learning for Urban Sensor Data, SenseML 2014, 15 September 2014, Nancy, France.

Zand, Pouria and Mathews, Emi and Das, Kallol and Dilo, Arta and Havinga, Paul (2014) ISA100.11a*: The ISA100.11a extension for supporting energy-harvested I/O devices. In: IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, WoWMoM 2014, 16-19 June 2014, Sydney, Australia.


Garcia Alvarez, Manuel G. and Ivanova, Ivana and Dilo, Arta and Morales, Javier (2013) Representing positional uncertainty of individual and aggregated trajectories of moving objects. In: 21st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference, 05-11-2013 - 08-11-2013, New York (pp. pp. 436-439).

Gogu, Ada and Chatterjea, Supriyo and Nace, Dritan and Dilo, Arta (2013) The problem of joint scheduling and power assignment in wireless sensor networks. In: 27th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, AINA 2013, 25-28 March 2013, Barcelona, Spain.

Hoesel, L.F.W. van and Erman-Tüysüz, A. and Dilo, A. and Havinga, P.J.M. (2013) Geo-casting of queries combined with coverage area reporting for wireless sensor networks. Ad Hoc Networks, 11 (1). pp. 104-123. ISSN 1570-8705

Zand, Pouria and Dilo, Arta and Havinga, Paul (2013) D-MSR: A Distributed Network Management Scheme for Real-Time Monitoring and Process Control Applications in Wireless Industrial Automation. Sensors, 13 (7). pp. 8239-8284. ISSN 1424-8220


Erman-Tüysüz, Aysegül and Schwartz, Ramon S. and Dilo, Arta and Scholten, Hans and Havinga, Paul (2012) Infrastructure Assisted Data Dissemination for Vehicular Sensor Networks in Metropolitan Areas. In: Robil Daher & Alexey Vinel (Eds.), Roadside Networks for Vehicular Communications: Architectures, Applications, and Test Fields. IGI Global, Hershey, PA, USA, pp. 264-287. ISBN 9781466622234

Gogu, Ada and Nace, Dritan and Dilo, Arta and Meratnia, Nirvana (2012) Review of Optimization Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks. In: J. Hamilton Ortiz (Ed.), Telecommunications Networks - Current Status and Future Trends. InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 153-180. ISBN 9789535103417

Rulinda, Coco M. and Dilo, Arta and Bijker, Wietske and Stein, Alfred (2012) Characterising and quantifying vegetative drought in East Africa using fuzzy modelling and NDVI data. Journal of Arid Environments, 78 . pp. 169-178. ISSN 0140-1963

Tüysüz Erman, Aysegül and Dilo, Arta and Havinga, Paul (2012) A virtual infrastructure based on honeycomb tessellation for data dissemination in multi-sink mobile wireless sensor networks. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2012 (17). ISSN 1687-1499

Zand, Pouria and Dilo, Arta and Havinga, Paul (2012) Implementation of WirelessHART in NS-2 simulator. In: 17th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation, ETFA 2012, 17-21 September 2012, Krakow, Poland.


Bandishoev, Mus and Dilo, Arta and Stein, Alfred (2011) Assessing the debris around glaciers using remote sensing and random sets. In: 7th International Symposium on Spatial Data Quality, ISSDQ 2011, 12-14 October 2011, Coimbra, Portugal (pp. pp. 27-32).

Dilo, Arta and Zlatanova, Sidi (2011) A data model for operational and situational information in emergency response: The Dutch case. Applied Geomatics, 3 (4). pp. 207-218. ISSN 1866-9298

Gogu, Ada and Nace, Dritan and Dilo, Arta and Meratnia, Nirvana (2011) Optimization Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks. In: International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems, CISIS 2011, 30 June - 2 July 2011, Seoul, South Korea (pp. pp. 302-309).

Masoum, Alireza and Meratnia, Nirvana and Dilo, Arta and Taghikhaki, Zahra and Havinga, Paul J.M. (2011) Cross-layer analyses of QoS parameters in wireless sensor networks. In: First International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, CCSIT 2011, 2-4 January 2011, Bangalore, India (pp. pp. 595-605).

Tüysüz Erman, Aysegül and Dilo, Arta and Hoesel, Lodewijk van and Havinga, Paul (2011) On Mobility Management in Multi-Sink Sensor Networks for Geocasting of Queries. Sensors, 11 (12). pp. 11415-11446. ISSN 1424-8220


Dilo, Arta and Zlatanova, Sidi (2010) Data modelling for emergency response. [Report]

Erman-Tüysüz, Aysegül and Dilo, Arta and Havinga, Paul (2010) A Fault-Tolerant Data Dissemination Based on Honeycomb Architecture for Mobile Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks. In: 6th International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, ISSNIP 2010, 7-10 Dec 2010, Brisbane, Australia (pp. pp. 97-102).

Zlatanova, S. and Dilo, A. and Vries, M. de and Fichtinger, A. (2010) Models of Dynamic Data for Emergency Response: A Comparative Study. In: Joint Symposium of ISPRS Technical Commission IV & AutoCarto 2010 Symposium, 15-19 November 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Zlatanova, S. and Dilo, A. (2010) A data model for operational and situational information in emergency response: the Dutch case. In: International Symposium on Geo-information for Disaster Management, Gi4DM, 2-4 Feb 2010, Torino, Italy.


Aydinoglu, Arif Cagdas and Yomralioglu, Tashin and Quak, Wilko and Dilo, Arta (2009) Modeling emergency management data by UML as an extension of geographic data sharing model: AST approach. In: 16th Annual Conference of the International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS), 9-11 June 2009, Istanbul, Turkey (pp. pp. 87-98).

Dilo, Arta and Oosterom, Peter van and Hofman, Arjen (2009) Constrained tGAP for generalisation between scales: the case of Dutch topographic data. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 33 (5). pp. 388-402. ISSN 0198-9715

Haunert, Jan-Henrik and Dilo, Arta and Oosterom, Peter van (2009) Constrained set-up of the tGAP structure for progressive vector data transfer. Computers & Geosciences, 35 (11). pp. 2191-2203. ISSN 0098-3004

Hengl, Tomislav and Sierdsema, Henk and Radović, Andreja and Dilo, Arta (2009) Spatial prediction of species’ distributions from occurrence-only records: combining point pattern analysis, ENFA and regression-kriging. Ecological Modelling, 220 (24). pp. 3499-3511. ISSN 0304-3800

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