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Aarts, Noelle and Muijres, Mieke and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2014) Kiezen doe je niet alleen: een literatuurstudie naar de rol van de sociale context bij studiekeuze onder jongeren. [Report]

Wijngaert, L.A.L. van de (2014) Knowledge sharing, culture and media usage in an academic network: a network analyses of the Eberea Irses case. In: 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2014), Chengdu, June 24-28, 2014, 24-06-2014 - 28-06-2014, Chengdu, China.

Wijngaert, L.A.L. van de and Dijk, J.A.G.M. van and Tije, S. ten (2014) Project X Haren: The Role of Media Influence and Social Influence, in Present-Day Event Mobilization. In: ICA 64th annual conference "Communication and 'the good life'", Seattle 22-26 May 2014, 22-05-2014 - 26-05-2014, Seattle.

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2014) Big Data. [Lecture]

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2014) Kanaalsturing vanuit gebruikersperspectief. In: Symposium over digivaardigheid, 15-05-2014, Rotterdam.

Woltering, Robbert A.F.L. and Bent, Josephine van den and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2014) Beeldvormingen over het Westen in post-Mubarak Egypte. [Report]


Dijk, Jan van and Boeschoten, Thomas and Tije, Sanne ten and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2013) De weg naar Haren: de rol van jongeren, sociale media, massamedia en autoriteiten bij de mobilisatie voor Project X Haren : Deelrapport 2. [Report]

Ongena, G. and Wijngaert, L.A.L. van de and Huizer, E. (2013) Designing online audiovisual heritage services: an empirical study of two comparable online video services. New review of hypermedia and multimedia, 19 (1). 61 - 79. ISSN 1361-4568

Ongena, G. and Wijngaert, L.A.L. van de and Huizer, E. (2013) Acceptance of online audio-visual cultural heritage archive services: a study of the general public. Information research, 18 (2/JUNE). ISSN 1368-1613

Ongena, Guido and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de and Huizer, E. (2013) Exploring determinants of early user acceptance for an audio-visual heritage archive service using the vignette method. Behaviour & information technology, 32 (12). 1216 - 1224. ISSN 0144-929X

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2013) Using a Network Approach to Transform from a Municipality to Municipal Community. In: IFIP EGOV and IFIP ePart 2013, 16-19 September 2013, Koblenz, 16-09-2013 - 19-09-2013, Koblenz (pp. 184 - 191).

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2013) From government to local governance. In: XXXIII Sunbelt Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Hamburg, 21-05-2013 - 26-05-2013, Hamburg (pp. 203 -).

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de and Ebbers, Wolfgang (2013) Decentralisaties vragen om netwerk aanpak. iBestuur online (2 september).


Boer, Yvon van den and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de and Pieterson, Willem and Arendsen, Rex (2012) On the Interaction of Source and Channel Choice in the Government-to-Business Context. In: Electronic Government. 7443, 7443 . Springer, 27 - 39. ISBN 9783642334894

Giesbertz, Jacques and Westerhof, Han and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2012) Achter de Wolken - Het nieuwe werken in Deventer. [Report]

Ongena, Guido and Batenburg, Ronald S. and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2012) Self-reported effects of online medical information on offline medical behaviour. In: 25th Bled eConference eDependability: Reliable and Trustworthy eStructures, eProcesses, eOperations and eServices for the Future, Bled, Slovenia (pp. 486 - 496).

Ongena, Guido and Huizer, E. and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2012) Threats and opportunities for new audiovisual cultural heritage archive services: the Dutch case. Telematics and informatics, 29 (2). 156 - 165. ISSN 0736-5853

Tije, Sanne ten and Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (2012) Social Media & Apps in Enschede. [Report]

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de and Bouwman, Harry and Contractor, Noshir (2012) A network approach toward literature review. Quality and quantity, 11135 . ISSN 0033-5177

Wijngaert, Lidwien van de and Swierstra, Tsjalling (2012) Communication about technology: attitude formation in the public debate about nanotechnology. In: IC Conference.


Wijngaert, Lidwien van de (1999) Matching media : information need and new media choice. thesis.

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