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Oost, Ellen van (2016) Le genre matérialisé : comment les rasoirs électriques con gurent la féminité et la masculinité des usagers. In: Anne-Marie Devreux (Ed.), Les sciences et le genre: Déjouer l’androcentrisme. PUR, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 127 - 140. ISBN 9782753550001

Oost, Ellen van and Kuhlmann, Stefan and Ordonez-Matamoros, Gonzalo and Stegmaier, Peter (2016) Futures of science with and for society: towards transformative policy orientations. Foresight (Cambridge), 18 (3). 276 - 296. ISSN 1463-6689

Verhaegh, Stefan and Oost, Ellen van and Oudshoorn, Nelly (2016) Innovation in Civil Society: The Socio-material Dynamics of a Community Innovation. In: Sampsa Hyysalo & Torben Elgaard Jensen & Nelly Oudshoorn (Eds.), The new production of users: changing innovation collectives and involvement strategies. Routledge studies in innovation, organization and technology . Routledge, 193 - 218. ISBN 9781138124561


Smith, Adran and Hielscher, Sabine and Dickel, Sascha and Söderberg, Johan and Oost, Ellen van (2013) Grassroots digital fabrication and makerspaces: Reconfiguring, relocating and recalbirating innovation? [Report]


Oost, E.C.J. van (2012) Reflections on textbooks for teaching TA. In: Marc Dusseldorp & Richard Beecroft (Eds.), Technikfolgen abschatzen lernen. Springer, Wiesbaden, Germany, 309 - 319. ISBN 9783531179087

Schaper-Rinkel, P. and Weber, M. and Wasserbacher, D. and Oost, E.C.J. van and Ordonez Matamoros, H.G. and Krooi, M. and Hölschens, R. and Nieminen, M. and Pelkonen, A. (2012) Research & Innovation Futures 2030: From explorative to transformative scenarios. Deliverable D1.1 Stocktaking report on results of FLAs and State-of-the-Art in research. [Report]

Verhaegh, S.J.S. and Oost, E.C.J. van (2012) Who cares? Maintenance work in a Wi-Fi community innovation. In: T. Egyedi & D. Mehos (Eds.), Inverse infrastructures: disrupting the system from below. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 141 - 160. ISBN 9781849803014


Gerrits, K. and Oost, E.C.J. van and Wilderom, C.P.M. (2011) Vrouwen en allochtonen naar de politietop. M&O: tijdschrift voor management en organisatie, 3 (mei/juni). pp. 35-59. ISSN 0165-1722

Oost, Ellen van and Reed, Darren (2011) Towards a Sociological Understanding of Robots as Companions. In: Maarten H. Lamers & Fons J. Verbeek (Eds.), Human-Robot Personal Relationships. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, 59 . Springer, Berlin, Germany, pp. 11-18. ISBN 9783642193859


Oost, Ellen van and Verhaegh, Stefan and Oudshoorn, Nelly (2009) From innovation community to community innovation : user-initiated innovation in
wireless Leiden.
Science, technology & human values, 34 (2). pp. 182-205. ISSN 0162-2439


Oudshoorn, N. and Oost, E. van and Zoonen, L. van (2007) Evaluatie programma Sociaal-Culturele Aspecten. [Report]


Oudshoorn, Nelly and Brouns, Margo and Oost, Ellen van (2005) Diversity and Distributed Agency in the Design and Use ofMedical Video-Communication Technologies. In: Hans Harbers (Ed.), Inside the Politics of Technology : Agency and Normativity in the Co-Production of Technology and Society. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, pp. 85-105. ISBN 9789053567562

Oudshoorn, Nelly and Oost, Ellen van and Frissen, Valerie and Verhaegh, Stefan (2005) The Dynamics of User-initiated Innovation in ICT networks [Presentation].

Stilma, M.D.C. and Oost, E.C.J. van and Reinders, A.H.M.E. and Eger, A.O. (2005) A study into students' interests in industrial design engineering using a gender pattern analysis. In: Paul Rogers & Libby Brodhurst & Duncan Hepburn (Eds.), Crossing Design Boundaries. Taylor & Francis, London, pp. 145-150. ISBN 9780415391184


Rommes, Els and Slooten, Irma van and Oost, Ellen van and Oudshoorn, Nelly (2004) Designing inclusion : the development of ICT products to include women in the Information Society. [Report]


Oost, Ellen van (2002) Book review: Making technology masculine: men, women and modern machines in America, 1870-1945 / by Ruth Oldenziel. - Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, 1999. Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, 5 (3). pp. 68-70. ISSN 1388-3186

Oost, Ellen van (2002) Gender and ICT in the Netherlands : review of statistics and literature. [Report]

Wit, Onno de and Ende, Jan van den and Schot, Johan and Oost, Ellen van (2002) Innovation junctions : Office technologies in the Netherlands, 1880-1980. Technology and culture, 43 (1). pp. 50-72. ISSN 0040-165X


Ende, Jan van den and Oost, Ellen C.J. van (2001) Making women count: gender-typing, technology and path dependencies in Dutch statistical data processing, 1900-1970. European journal of women's studies, 8 (4). pp. 491-510. ISSN 1350-5068

Rommes, Els and Oost, Ellen van and Oudshoorn, Nelly (2001) Gender in the Design of the Digital City of Amsterdam. In: Virtual Gender, Technology, Consumption and Identity. Routledge, London, UK, pp. 241-263. ISBN 9780415233149


Brouns, M.L.M. and Oost, E.C.J. van and Oudshoorn, N.E.J. (2000) Ver weg én dichtbij : over hoe ICT de samenleving kan verbeteren. [Report]


Oost, Ellen van (1997) Vrouwen in de vroege automatisering. Gewina, 20 (4). pp. 269-285. ISSN 0928-303X

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