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Corbellini, Francesca and Knegtel, Ronald M.A. and Grootenhuis, Peter D.J. and Crego-Calama, Mercedes and Reinhoudt, David N. (2005) Water-soluble molecular capsules: self-assembly and binding properties. Chemistry: a European journal, 11 (1). pp. 298-307. ISSN 0947-6539


Jong, Menno R. de and Knegtel, Ronald M.A. and Grootenhuis, Peter D.J. and Huskens, Jurriaan and Reinhoudt, David N. (2002) A method to identify and screen libraries of guests that complex to a synthetic host. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English, 41 (6). pp. 1004-1008. ISSN 0570-0833


Fischer, Stefan and Grootenhuis, Peter D.J. and Groenen, Leo C. and Hoorn, Willem P. van and Veggel, Frank C.J.M. van and Reinhoudt, David N. and Karplus, Martin (1995) Pathways for conformational interconversion of calix[4]arenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 117 (5). pp. 1611-1620. ISSN 00027863


Shinkai, Seiji and Araki, Koji and Grootenhuis, Peter D.J. and Reinhoudt, David N. (1991) pKa Determination of water-soluble calix[4]arenes. Journal of the Chemical Society. Perkin transactions II, 1991 (12). p. 1883. ISSN 0300-9580


Chen, L. and Bos, M. and Grootenhuis, P.D.J. and Christenhusz, A. and Hoogendam, E. and Reinhoudt, D.N. and Linden, W.E. van der (1987) Stability constants for some divalent metal ion/crown ether complexes in methanol determined by polarography and conductometry. Analytica Chimica Acta, 201 . pp. 117-125. ISSN 0003-2670

Eerden, J. van and Roos, A. and Harkema, S. and Grootenhuis, P.D.J. and Reinhoudt, D.N. (1987) Structure of dibenzo-54-crown-18. Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal structure communications, 43 (4). pp. 799-801. ISSN 0108-2701

Grootenhuis, Peter D.J. and Wal, Peter D. van der and Reinhoudt, David N. (1987) Thermodynamic stabilities of complexes of synthetic macrocyclic valinomycin mimics with alkali, barium, and guanidinium cations. Tetrahedron, 43 (2). pp. 397-404. ISSN 0040-4020

Skowronska-Ptasinska, Maria and Telleman, Pieter and Aarts, Veronika M.L.J. and Grootenhuis, Peter D.J. and Eerden, Johan van and Harkema, Sybolt and Reinhoudt, David N. (1987) Intraannular functionalization of macrocyclic polyethers via organolithium chemistry; x-ray structure of 2-sulfinyl-1,3-xylyl-15-crown-4. Tetrahedron Letters, 28 (17). pp. 1937-1939. ISSN 0040-4039

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