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Berg, Maya M. van den and Lafferty, William M. and Coenen, Frans H.J.M. (2010) Adaptation to climate change induced flooding in Dutch municipalities. In: Pim Martens & Chiung Ting Chang (Eds.), The social and behavioural aspects of climate change : linking vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation. Greenleaf. ISBN 9781906093426

Lafferty, William M. and Coenen, Frans and Berg, Maya M. van den (2010) Lokale voorbereiding op klimaatverandering: Poster. In: CSTM Lustrum Symposium, Octorber 2, 2010, Enschede, the Netherlands.


Lafferty, William M. and Knudsen, Jørgen and Larsen, Olav Mosvold (2007) Pursuing sustainable development in Norway: the challenge of living up to Brundtland at home. European Environment, 17 (3). pp. 177-188. ISSN 0961-0405


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Lafferty, W.M. and Audun, R (2004) Green innovation policy Norway: How can it be evaluated? [Report]

Lafferty, W.M. and Audun, R and Larsen, O.M. (2004) " Environmental Policy Integration: How will we recognize it when we see it? The case of green innovation policy in Norway. [Report]

Lafferty, W.M. and Larsen, O.M. and Audun, R (2004) Institutional provisions for enviromental policy Integration: An analysis of the Environmental Profile of the State Budget" and the National Environmental Monitoring System. [Report]


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Lafferty, W.M. and Aall, C. and Hoyer, K.G. (2002) Fra miljovern till baerekraftig utvikling. Lokale agendaer, tiltak og utfordringer i kommunene ("From Environmental Protection to Sustainable Development: Local Agendas, Initiatives and Challanges at the Municipal Level). Gyldendal Academic Publishers, Oslo. ISBN 9788205304659

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Coenen, Frans and Eckerberg, Katarina and Lafferty, William M. (1999) Implementing Local Agenda 21 in Europe :a cross-national analysis of 12 national reports. In: EURA Workshop on Innovations in Urban Governance, April 22-23, 1999, Oslo, Norway.

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