About UTpublications

UTpublications contains full text scientific publications, like journal articles, conference papers, research reports and dissertations from scholars of the university. This repository is part of a global network of scientific information and is explored by various services such as Google Scholar.

An important national service is NARCIS, the national "gateway to Dutch scientific information", which provides access to full text scientific and scholarly publications archived in academic repositories in the Netherlands. Similar international services are OAIster, BASE and Scientific Commons.

Advantages for authors

UT authors can safely deposit their full text publications in this repository in order to safe them properly and, when copyrights allow, offer it openly accessible. Storage of your publications in UTpublications has the following advantages:

The University of Twente supports the principle of Open Access to Knowledge in Sciences and Humanities and has signed the Berlin Declaration.

Copyright issues

Storing your publication in UTpublications primarily means archiving your scientific work in order to keep it safely. Only after a careful copyright-check by the library the full text publication in the repository will be accessible on the open Internet. In case you are the owner of the copyright, storage of your publication in UTpublications does not affect this.

You can find more information about copyrights on http://copyright.surf.nl/copyright/.