Enhanced electric conductivity at ferroelectric vortex cores in BiFeO3


Balke, N. and Winchester, B. and Ren, W. and Chu, Y.-H. and Morozovska, A. and Eliseev, E.A. and Huijben, M. and Vasudevan, R.K. and Maksymovych, P. and Britson, J. and Jesse, S. and Kornev, I. and Ramesh, R. and Bellaiche, L. and Chen, L.Q. and Kalinin, S.V. (2012) Enhanced electric conductivity at ferroelectric vortex cores in BiFeO3. Nature physics, 8 (1). 81 - 88. ISSN 1745-2473

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Abstract:In many large ensembles, the property of the system as a whole cannot be understood from studying the individual entities alone ¿ these ensembles can be made up by neurons in the brain, transport users in traffic networks or data packages in the Internet. The past decade has seen important progress in our fundamental understanding of what such seemingly disparate 'complex systems' have in common; some of these advances are surveyed here.
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