Design of a piezoelectric rotation actuator


Holterman, Jan and Vries, Theo J.A. de and Babakhani, Bayan and Brouwer, Dannis M. (2012) Design of a piezoelectric rotation actuator. In: Electroceramics XIII, 24-27 June 2012, Enschede, The Netherlands (pp. p. 92).

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Abstract:In order to facilitate active damping within a linear motion system, a self-sensing piezoelectric rotation actuator has been designed. The rotation actuator consists of two piezoelectric stacks that function as linear actuators, embedded in a mechanical interface with several elastic elements, thus allowing for an efficient transformation of linear deformation into rotational motion. Each stack consists of a d33 ceramic multilayer actuator and a d33 ceramic single layer sensor.
Key issues in the design are:
- the trade-off between strength and stiffness of the elastic elements on the one hand and actuator stroke at the other hand
- appropriate integration of piezoelectric force sensors so as to allow for active damping based on collocated control
- practical mechanical considerations e.g. gluing, preloading, stroke limitation so as to ensure correct loading of the piezoelectric actuators

The rotation actuator as such comprises many of the typical design trade-offs as encountered when using piezoelectric elements in a mechatronic application.
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