An Efficient Asymmetric Distributed Lock for Embedded Multiprocessor Systems


Rutgers, Jochem H. and Bekooij, Marco J.G. and Smit, Gerard J.M. (2012) An Efficient Asymmetric Distributed Lock for Embedded Multiprocessor Systems. In: International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation (IC-SAMOS 2012), 16-19 Jul 2012, Samos, Greece (pp. pp. 176-182).

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Abstract:Efficient synchronization is a key concern in an embedded many-core system-on-chip (SoC). The use of atomic read-modify-write instructions combined with cache coherency as synchronization primitive is not always an option for shared-memory SoCs due to the lack of suitable IP. Furthermore, there are doubts about the scalability of hardware cache coherency protocols. Existing distributed locks for NUMA multiprocessor systems do not rely on cache coherency and are more scalable, but exchange many messages per lock. This paper introduces an asymmetric distributed lock algorithm for shared-memory embedded multiprocessor systems without hardware cache coherency. Messages are exchanged via a low-cost inter-processor communication ring in combination with a small local memory per processor. Typically, a mutex is used over and over again by the same process, which is exploited by our algorithm. As a result, the number of messages exchanged per lock is significantly reduced. Experiments with our 32-core system show that when having locks in SDRAM, 35% of the memory traffic is lock related. In comparison, our solution eliminates all of this traffic and reduces the execution time by up to 89%.
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