Sand transport under full-scale progressive surface waves


Schretlen, J.L.M. (2012) Sand transport under full-scale progressive surface waves. thesis.

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Abstract:The morphology of coastal areas is constantly changing under the influence of sediments being
transported to, from and along the coast. Under storm conditions with high waves and flow
velocities, bed forms are being washed out and large quantities of sand are transported in a thin, mm
to cm thick layer close to the bed called the sheet-flow layer. Since sand transport under storm
conditions is primarily controlled by small scale near-bed processes, development of well-founded
methods for predicting near-bed sand transport are critical for estimating sand budget in coastal
areas. Various transport models have been developed to predict both the quantities and directions of
sediment transport under storm conditions. The majority of the existing models are based on data
obtained from oscillatory flow tunnel experiments. Even though oscillatory flow tunnels provide a
good approximation of the flow experienced at the sea bed, theory and former experiments indicate
that flow differences between full scale progressive surface waves and oscillatory flow tunnels may
have a substantial effect on the net sand transport.
The research presented in this thesis focuses on the influence of surface wave effects on sand
transport under sheet-flow conditions. For the first time, detailed measurements of wave boundary
layer flow and sheet-flow layer transport processes under full scale surface waves are presented and
analysed. These results give new insights and provide quantitative data of wave boundary flow,
sheet-flow layer concentrations, sediment fluxes and net transport rates under velocity skewed
surface waves for different wave conditions and types of sediment.
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