Thermal boundary effects on a GT liner structure


Salvatore, M. and Laget, H. and Vanderhaegen, E. and Altunlu, A.C. and Tufano, S. (2012) Thermal boundary effects on a GT liner structure. In: 19th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 2012-07-08 - 2012-07-12, Vilnius, Lithuania (pp. 222 - 230).

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Abstract:GT combustor liners are subjected to mechanical and thermal loads that damage the structure and reduce their operational life. Among those, the thermo-acoustic instabilities develop, generating pressure oscillations because of the interaction between heat release, acoustic waves and structure vibrations. The vibratory behaviour of the structure is the result of these phenomena and undergoes repeated reversals of the main deformation mechanisms as a function of the operating load of the engine. Monitoring and evaluating the operational load history and the life consumption rate of combustor components is essential to sustain a reliable risk-based maintenance in the GT combustion hardware. The non-linear material behaviour can activate possible interactions causing coupled damage mechanisms and become a life threatening mode of failure. A methodology for modelling both the dynamic and static behaviour of a GT cannular combustion chamber by utilizing a combined fluid-structure approach is presented in this study. Together with the calculation of the heat fluxes through the liner, the effects of the modifications at the thermal boundary conditions were used to investigate the modifications in the liner structural properties and the stresses development at different GT loads. The monitored pressure oscillations during operations has been investigated by performing both acoustic and structural dynamics. A correlation with the observed failure has been proposed by investigating stress relaxation phenomena’s, creep and plastic effects for base load and part load operations.
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