SSHCure: a flow-based SSH intrusion detection system


Hellemons, Laurens and Hendriks, Luuk and Hofstede, Rick and Sperotto, Anna and Sadre, Ramin and Pras, Aiko (2012) SSHCure: a flow-based SSH intrusion detection system. In: 6th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management, and Security, AIMS 2012, 4-8 June 2012, Luxembourg, Luxembourg (pp. pp. 86-97).

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Abstract:SSH attacks are a main area of concern for network managers, due to the danger associated with a successful compromise. Detecting these attacks, and possibly compromised victims, is therefore a crucial activity. Most existing network intrusion detection systems designed for this purpose rely on the inspection of individual packets and, hence, do not scale to today's high-speed networks. To overcome this issue, this paper proposes SSHCure, a flow-based intrusion detection system for SSH attacks. It employs an efficient algorithm for the real-time detection of ongoing attacks and allows identification of compromised attack targets. A prototype implementation of the algorithm, including a graphical user interface, is implemented as a plugin for the popular NfSen monitoring tool. Finally, the detection performance of the system is validated with empirical traffic data.
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