About contacts of adhesive, elasto-plastic, frictional powders,


Luding, S. (2012) About contacts of adhesive, elasto-plastic, frictional powders,. In: Euromech 514, 2012-03-27 - 2012-03-31, Cargese, Corsica (pp. 19 - 22).

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Abstract:Granular materials can be studied in a split-bottom ring shear cell geometry,
where they show wide shear bands under slow, quasi-static, large deformation.
The contact models are at the basis of their interesting collective behavior
and flow-rheology as well the core ingredient for the discrete element method
(DEM). The contact mechanics used involves elasto-plastic, viscous, frictional,
and torque contributions.
From a single simulation only, by applying time- and (local) space-averaging,
and focusing on the regions of the system that experienced considerable deformations,
the critical-state yield stress (termination locus) can be obtained. It is
close to linear, for non-cohesive granular materials, and nonlinear with peculiar
pressure dependence, for adhesive powders – due to the nonlinear dependence
of the contact adhesion on the confining forces.
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