Meson exchange model for pseudoscalar meson-meson scattering


Lohse, D. and Durso, J.W. and Holinde, K. and Speth, J. (1990) Meson exchange model for pseudoscalar meson-meson scattering. Nuclear physics A, 516 (3-4). pp. 513-548. ISSN 0375-9474

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Abstract:A dynamical model for pseudoscalar-pseudoscalar meson scattering based on meson exchange, suitable for use in a variety of low- and intermediate-energy mesonic interactions, has been constructed and applied to ππ and kπ scattering with good quantitative results. The model includes both s- and t-channel exchange, and is found to require pseudoscalar-pseudoscalar coupling to a scalar octet to fit the high energy s-wave phases in the I = 0 ππ channel and in the channel. Coupling of the ππ and KK̄ channels is found to play a crucial role in explaining the S∗(975) resonance
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