Development of a non-fusion scoliosis correction device : numerical modelling of scoliosis correction


Meijer, Gerarda Johanna Maria (2011) Development of a non-fusion scoliosis correction device : numerical modelling of scoliosis correction. thesis.

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Abstract:Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity of the spine and trunk, comprising of a lateral deviation and an axial rotation. Severe scoliosis is mostly seen in girls and is often detected during adolescence. Without treatment, scoliosis progression can lead to a life-threatening situation because the heart and lungs become oppressed. For these reasons, surgical treatment is used in severe cases of scoliosis to correct the deformity of the spine and trunk.
Within the STW-project “A non-fusion scoliosis correction device” we aim for the development of a new implantable scoliosis correction device. This project consists of three PhD projects:
1) the design and prototyping of a new scoliosis correction implant (Martijn Wessels),
2) in vitro tests on human and porcine spines to determine biomechanical spine properties and animal experiments to test the prototype (Iris Busscher)
3) development of a numerical model of the mechanical behaviour of the spine and trunk to optimize the design of the implant (Gerdine Meijer; this thesis).

Main goal of this thesis is to present the numerical model of an average, adolescent spine and trunk with which we quantify various biomechanical aspects that are important in scoliosis correction. This finite element model will help to optimize the development of the new scoliosis correction implant, and in the future, patient-specific models can be used to determine the optimal properties and surgical techniques for an individual patient.
In addition, the model will also increase our understanding of the biomechanics of the spine and trunk.
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