Non-cooperative monomino games


Timmer, Judith and Aarts, Harry and Dorenvanck, Peter van and Klomp, Jasper (2011) Non-cooperative monomino games. [Report]

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Abstract:In this paper we study monomino games. These are two player games, played on a rectangular board with C columns and R rows. The game pieces are monominoes, which cover exactly one cell of the board. One by one each player selects a column of the board, and places a monomino in the lowest uncovered cell. This generates a payoff for the player. The game ends if all cells are covered by monominoes. The goal of each player is to place his monominoes in such a way that his total payoff is maximized. This game is a constant sum game and has Nash equilibria in pure strategies. We derive the equilibrium play and the payoffs for the players.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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