WSCDL to WSBPEL: A Case Study of ATL-based Transformation


Khadka, Ravi and Sapkota, Brahmananda and Ferreira Pires, Luis and Sinderen, Marten van and Jansen, Slinger (2011) WSCDL to WSBPEL: A Case Study of ATL-based Transformation. In: 3rd International Workshop on Model Transformation with ATL, MtATL-2011, 1 July 2011, Zürich, Switzerland (pp. pp. 89-103).

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Abstract:The ATLAS Transformation Language (ATL) is a hybrid transformation language that combines declarative and imperative programming elements and provides means to define model transformations. Most transformations using ATL reported in the literature show a simplified use of ATL, and often involve a single transformation. However, in more realistic situations, multiple transformations may be necessary, especially in case the original input/output models are not represented in the metametamodeling representation expected by the transformation engine. In this paper, we discuss a model transformation from service choreography (WSCDL) to service orchestration (WSBPEL), which cannot be performed in a single ATL transformation due to the mismatch between the concrete XML syntax of these languages and the metametamodeling representation expected by the ATL transformation engine. This requires auxiliary transformations in which this mismatch is resolved. In principle, the required auxiliary transformations can be implemented using XSLT or a general-purpose programming language like Java. However, in our case study, we evaluate the use of ATL to perform these transformations. We exploit ATL by leveraging the ATL's XML
injection and the XML extraction mechanisms to perform the overall transformation in terms of a transformation chain.
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