Nanolink-based thermal devices: integration of ALD TiN thin films


Groenland, Alfons Wouter (2011) Nanolink-based thermal devices: integration of ALD TiN thin films. thesis.

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Abstract:In this work, a new fabrication process is investigated for ultralow
power, microelectronic hotplates. These hotplates are based on a small
surface (0.0012-0.12 mm2) that is heated by a heater to temperatures in the
range of 300-400 °C. These hotplates can be used for instance as gas or flow
sensors. Applied as gas sensor, an (exothermic) combustion reaction will
take place at the (catalytic) surface in the presence of a flammable gas during
which heat is generated. This reaction heat is detected by a change in the
(temperature dependent) heater resistance. This means that in a hotplate the
heater simultaneously acts as a heat source and thermal sensor.
The research, discussed in this work, is part of the ‘Hot Silicon’ project
in which ultralow power (10-6 W) hotplates are studied; the power
consumption is a factor 1000 less than state-of-the-art ‘low power’ heaters.
The ultralow power enables integration of hotplates as for instance gas
sensors in portable (battery powered) systems for industrial or domestic
applications, for instance for the detection of hazardous (harmful and/or
flammable) gases. A combination of various sensors (in a ‘sensor array’ for
instance) can be used for the detection of multiple gases. Furthermore, low
power gas sensors are generally safer.

In this work, the hotplate is based on a small high ohmic conducting
cylinder (the ‘link’). The link is embedded in an insulating (glass) layer and
positioned between two crossing electrodes. Fabrication of the link is based
on etching a hole in the glass layer and coating it with an ultrathin (7-15 nm)
titanium nitride (TiN). Due to the excellent step coverage of the ALD
process, a perfectly hollow and conducting cylinder is created.
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