Dynamic substructuring and reanalysis methods in a surrogate based design optimization environment


Akcay-Perdahcioglu, D. and Geijselaers, H.J.M. and Ellenbroek, M.H.M. and Boer, A. de (2012) Dynamic substructuring and reanalysis methods in a surrogate based design optimization environment. Structural and multidisciplinary optimization, 45 . 129 - 138. ISSN 1615-147X

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Abstract:Abstract In light weight structure design, vibration control is necessary to meet strict stability requirements and to improve the fatigue life of structural components. Due to ever-increasing demands on products, it is generally more convenient to include vibration prerequisites in a design process instead of using vibration control devices on fixed designs. One of the main difficulties associated to design optimization of complex and/or large structures is the numerous computationally demanding Finite Element (FE) calculations. The objective of this research is to present a novel strategy for efficient and accurate optimization of vibration characteristics of structures. In the proposed strategy, a sub-structuring method is utilized. The FE model of the complete structure is partitioned, educed and then reassembled. This increases the computational efficiency of dynamic analyses. Moreover, this method is coupled with a novel reanalysis technique to speed up the repeated structural analyses. These methods are finally embedded in a surrogate-based design optimization procedure. An academic test problem is used for the validation of this novel approach.
Keywords Dynamic substructuring · Reanalysis methods · Surrogate-based optimization
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