Space Robotics: an Experimental Set-up based on RTAI-Linux


Macchelli, A. and Melchiorri, C. and Carloni, R. and Guidetti, M. (2002) Space Robotics: an Experimental Set-up based on RTAI-Linux. In: Proceedings of the 4th Real-Time Linux Workshop, 6-7 Dec 2002, Boston, USA.

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Abstract:In space application, it is of great interest the development of autonomous or semi-autonomous robotic devices that can substitute the astronauts in routine operations in order to free them from repetitive tasks and reduce mission costs. In this work, an experimental setup based on a 6 degrees of freedom (dof) manipulator with a 3 dof gripper designed for a possible application within PaT, the Payload Tutor proposed by ASI (Italian Space Agency), is presented. This system consists of a robotic arm, a vision system, and a gripper. Since the gripper has to interact with free-floating and irregular objects, the vision subsystem provides all the information needed for grasping unknown objects in an optimal way.
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