System Evolution Barriers and How to Overcome Them!


Borches, P. Daniel and Bonnema, G. Maarten (2010) System Evolution Barriers and How to Overcome Them! In: 8th Conference on Systems Engineering Research, CSER, March 17-19, 2010, Hoboken, NJ, USA.

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Abstract:Creating complex systems from scratch is time consuming and costly, therefore a strategy often chosen by companies is to evolve existing systems. Yet evolving a system is also complicated. Complex systems are usually the result of multidisciplinary teams, therefore it is essential to understand barriers those teams face when evolving a system.
From the research carried at Philips Healthcare MRI, we have identified that main evolution barriers employees face are; managing system complexity,communication across disciplines and departments, finding the necessary system information, lack of system overview, and ineffective knowledge sharing. Those barriers were identified as the root cause of many development problems and bad decisions.
To overcome those barriers, and therefore enhance the evolution process, effective reuse of knowledge is essential. This knowledge must be presented in a fashion that can be understood by a broad set of stakeholders. In this paper system evolution barriers and a method to effectively deal with them, based on the creation of A3 Architecture Overviews, is presented.
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