Optical device comprising a cantilever and method of fabrication and use thereof


Iannuzzi, Davide and Deladi, Szabolcs and Elwenspoek, Michael Curt (2011) Optical device comprising a cantilever and method of fabrication and use thereof. Patent.

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Abstract:The present invention provides an optical device, comprising an optical fiber and a cantilever that is arranged on an end of the optical fiber; The cantilever may be an integral part of the optical fiber, and may have a length that is substantially equal to a diameter of the optical fiber. Measurement means for measuring a displacement of the cantilever are connected to an opposite end of the, optical fiber. A method of measuring a displacement using the optical device comprises the steps of: —arranging measurement means, comprising a light source, on an opposite end of the optical fiber; using the light source to send a beam of light into the optical fiber; measuring the interference of light that is reflected on the end op the optical fiber and light that is reflected on the cantilever; and determining the displacement of the cantilever relative to an intermediate position dependent on the measured interference.
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Additional information:US 2009/0002714 A1
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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