Novel Cooling Strategy for Electronic Packages: Directly Injected Cooling


Wits, W.W. and Brok, G.J.H.M. and Mannak, J.H. and Legtenberg, R. (2008) Novel Cooling Strategy for Electronic Packages: Directly Injected Cooling. In: 18th CIRP Design Conference 2008, April 7-9, 2008 , Enschede, Netherlands.

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Abstract:This publication discusses domain integration of various engineering disciplines as an effective methodology to design new and innovative products. A case study illustrates how this approach is applied to the design process of a high performance electronic product. A novel and improved method for the cooling of electronic packages is presented. Standard package types, as for instance ball grid arrays, are equipped with directly injected cooling. The developed design is a very cost effective solution, as fewer productions steps and fewer procured parts are required compared to traditional cooling. The new design is also easily scalable, as multiple components on an electronic product can be cooled both uniformly and simultaneously. This allows for more overall design flexibility, which can result in a more integrated product design with advantages in terms of performance, volume, weight and production efficiency.
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