Recent advances in industrially applied numerically aided springback compensation


Rietman, Bert and Kose, Kim and Ohnimus, Stephan and Petzoldt, Martin and Weiher, Jochen (2004) Recent advances in industrially applied numerically aided springback compensation. In: The IDDRG 2004 Conference , Sindelfingen, Germany.

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Abstract:Springback is a common and intrinsic phenomenon of every deep drawing operation. For
various reasons the application of high strength steels and aluminum in automotive industry is
still increasing. Unfortunately, these materials tend to larger springback than mild steels.
Therefore it is more difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the part shape without a proper
springback compensation. Several countermeasures can be applied to minimize springback, but
it is not always possible to reduce springback sufficiently. Additionally, the overbending
technique has been developed to counter springback by modification of the tool shape. This
method gives satisfactory results for a whole class of parts which are very susceptible to
springback. In this paper an improvement, the smooth displacement adjustment (SDA) method,
is presented. Basically the shape deviation of the part is calculated and subsequently
approximated by an L2-projection of sufficiently smooth global analytical functions. Due to the
restriction to analytical functions the computed shape deviations can be easily transferred to the
tool surface in order to compensate them. The use of the new method is demonstrated on an
industrial part. The paper ends with conclusions and recommendations.
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