Bio-inspired MEMS aquatic flow sensor arrays


Izadi, Nima (2011) Bio-inspired MEMS aquatic flow sensor arrays. thesis.

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Abstract:The lateral line, known from 19th century, is an unorthodox but essential
sensory organ in fish and amphibians. It is used to detect flow fluctuations in
surrounding water; on which many ecological behaviour of the animal depend. Its
usefulness is best demonstrated considering an environment with minimal visual
information (e.g. in deep waters, cave, etc). In engineering terms, lateral line consists of
an array of flow sensors (neuromasts) which are sensitive to fluid particle velocity. It is
robust and has a high sensitivity at low frequencies. The lateral line system can
therefore be used for source localisation and mapping of the immediate surrounding.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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