Contextual Permission: A Solution to the Free Choice Paradox


Dignum, F. and Meyer, J.-J.Ch. and Wieringa, R.J. (1994) Contextual Permission: A Solution to the Free Choice Paradox. In: Second International Workshop on Deontic Logic in Computer Science, DEON 1994, 6-8 January 1994, Oslo, Norway (pp. pp. 107-130).

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Abstract:In this paper, we give a solution to the Free Choice Paradox. This is done in two stages. First, we have a close look at the logical interpretation of the natural language statements that lead to the paradox. This leads to making the important distinction of permitting an action in isolation or permitting it in combination with some or any other action, i.e. in a certain context. This distinction is made formal by the introduction of a new operator on actions, which forces them to be performed in isolation. With this distinction made clear it is possible to give a "new", stronger definition for the permission operator, which solves the Free Choice Paradox and which does not lead to any new inconsistencies or paradoxes.
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