Minimal Semantics for Action Specifications in PDL


Broersen, Jan and Wieringa, Roel and Feenstra, Remco (1996) Minimal Semantics for Action Specifications in PDL. In: Accolade 1996, 21-22 Nov 1996, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (pp. pp. 15-30).

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Abstract:In this paper we investigate minimal semantics for Propositional Dynamic Logic formulas. The goal is to be able to write action specifications in a declarative pre/post condition style. The declarative specification of actions comes with some well known problems: the frame problem, the qualification problem and the ramification problem. We incorporate the assumptions that are inherent to both the frame and the qualification problem into the semantics of Dynamic Logic by defining preferences over Dynamic logic models. This gives us an intended semantics that, for each declarative action specification, selects a unique meaning for each action.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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