AIN thin film unimorph piezoelectric actuators on polysilicon microbridges


Saravanan, S. and Dijkstra, M. and Berenschot, E. and Krijnen, G. and Elwenspoek, M. (2005) AIN thin film unimorph piezoelectric actuators on polysilicon microbridges. In: 16th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop, MME 2005, 4-6 September 2005, Göteborg, Sweden (pp. pp. 320-323).

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Abstract:We present a surface micromachining process to fabricate AlN piezoelectric microstructures. The fabrication process utilizes Si02 sacrificial layer etching with Polysilicon as a structural layer. The significance of the process is that the polysilicon layer is used as a structural as weIl as a bottom electrode layer. A thin layer of Cr is used as a mask layer to etch both the AIN and polysilicon layers, while acting as a top electrode. The fabricated clamped-clamped beam microbridges show compressive stress. Preliminary results using phase-shift interferometry measurements show displacements of 8.3nmN on a typical microbridge with dimensions 385 x 50 /-lm.
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
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