Laminar Flow Microarray Patterning by Perpendicular Electrokinetic Focusing


Kohlheyer, D. and Unnikrishnan, S. and Schlautmann, S. and Besselink, G.A.J. and Tudos, A.J. and Schasfoort, R.B.M. (2005) Laminar Flow Microarray Patterning by Perpendicular Electrokinetic Focusing. In: 9th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, µTAS 2005, 9-13 October 2005, Boston, MA, USA (pp. pp. 1337-1339).

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Abstract:This paper describes a method to pattern microarrays in a closed microfluidic device. Two perpendicular laminar flow streams can operate in terms to sequentially coat the surface of a flow-chamber with parallel lanes in two directions. Two perpendicular sample streams can be controlled in position and width by applying electrokinetic focusing, for which each of the two streams is sandwiched between two parallel laminar flow streams containing just a buffer solution. Electroosmotic flow allows a simple chip design without any moving parts being involved. With this device configuration it is possible to define an array of up to 169 spots on a surface area of 1 mm2.
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Additional information:The authors acknowledge the Technology Foundation (STW) for funding this project.
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