Permeability and compressibility of CNT/CNF grafted reinforcements


Lomov, Stepan V. and Beyers, Lesley and Gorbatikh, Larissa and Verpoest, Ignaas and Koissin, Vitaly and Kotanjac, Zeljko and Karahan, Mehmet (2010) Permeability and compressibility of CNT/CNF grafted reinforcements. In: 10th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials, FPCM 2010, July 11-15, 2010, Ascona, Switserland.

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Abstract:The paper studies compressibility and permeability of a CNT/CNF-grafted woven
carbon reinforcement. It is shown that the pressure needed to achieve the target fibre volume fraction of the perform increases drastically when CNT/CNF are present in the preform. This can lower the achievable fibre volume fraction for economical vacuum assisted light-RTM manufacturing and increase the pressure requirements in autoclave processing. The permeability of the preform is found to be non-affected by the presence of CNT/CNF.
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