FE modelling of a structurally stitched multilayer composite


Koissin, V and Klimshin, D.V. and Lomov, S.V. and Verpoest, I. (2010) FE modelling of a structurally stitched multilayer composite. In: 10th International Conference on Textile Composites, TEXCOMP 10, 2010, October 25-29, 2010, Lille, France.

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Abstract:Finite-element models are presented for a typical structurally stitched carbonfibre composite. The term 'structural' means that the stitching yarn is thick enough to form a through-the-thickness reinforcement. The influences of different model features are revealed. The stitching, on the one hand, is shown to increase the stiffness, especially its out-plane component. On the other hand, it creates prominent stress-strain concentrators.
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Engineering Technology (CTW)
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