An idealised BC for the meso scale analysis of textile impregnation


Grouve, Wouter J.B. and Akkerman, Remko (2008) An idealised BC for the meso scale analysis of textile impregnation. In: 9th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials, FPCM 2008, 8-10 July 2008, Montreal, Canada.

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Abstract:The dual porosity of textile reinforcements, typically used in fibre reinforced
plastics, poses a challenge in terms of permeability modelling. The influence of the dual porosity is found to be restricted to the interaction between the inter- and intra-bundle flow. It is proposed to account for this interaction by the application of a slip boundary condition on the bundle surface in a meso scale permeability model. The appropriate slip coefficient, for flow transverse to the bundle, is determined by solving the Stokes equations in a micro scale domain consisting of a single filament. A master curve is derived, relating the intra-bundle fibre volume fraction and slip coefficient. Application of the proposed slip coefficient on the bundle surface yields improved results compared to the use of a no-slip boundary condition. Future work focuses on the determination of a slip coefficient master curve for flow parallel to the bundles.
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