Short range radio research in Twente


Meijerink, Arjan (2010) Short range radio research in Twente. In: Communication Sciences Seminar, 6 Oct 2010, Los Angeles.

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Abstract:The research and education by the Telecommunication Engineering Group at the University of Twente is dedicated to physical layer topics in communications. Three research tracks have prominence: Short Range Radio, Microwave Photonics, and Electromagnetic Compatibility. Arjan is active in the Short Range Radio division, and will briefly outline the interests and activities of this group. Furthermore he will present some results of the research that he did during his short sabbatical in Belfast last year. This concerns the performance analysis of a frequency offset modulation scheme using wideband noise carriers. The main advantage of such a scheme is that it enables fast receiver synchronization without channel adaptation, while providing robustness to multipath fading and in-band interference. This is important for low-power wireless systems with bursty traffic, such as sensor networks. In the talk a semi-analytical framework for evaluating its bit error rate performance in wideband frequency-selective fading channels will be described. Some numerical results will be presented, based on channel models developed in the IEEE 802.15.4a channel modeling subgroup. These illustrate that the considered system can be designed with a lower fading margin than a narrowband system.
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