Comparing CλaSH and VHDL by implementing a dataflow processor


Niedermeier, Anja and Wester, Rinse and Baaij, Christiaan and Kuper, Jan and Smit, Gerard (2010) Comparing CλaSH and VHDL by implementing a dataflow processor. In: PROGRESS 2010 Workshop on PROGram for Research on Embedded Systems and Software, 18-19 November, 2010, Veldhoven, the Netherlands (pp. pp. 216-221).

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Abstract:As embedded systems are becoming increasingly complex, the design process and verification have become very time-consuming. Additionally, specifying hardware manually in a low-level hardware description language like VHDL is usually an error-prone task. In our group, a tool (the ClaSH compiler) was developed to generate fully synthesisable VHDL code from a specification given in the functional programming language Haskell. In this paper, we present a comparison between two implementations of the same design by using ClaSH and hand-written VHDL. The design is a simple dataflow processor. As measures of interest area, performance, power consumption and source lines of code (SLOC) are used.

The obtained results indicate that the ClaSH -generated VHDL code as well as the netlist after synthesis and place and route are functionally correct. The placed and routed hand-written VHDL code has also the correct behaviour. Furthermore, a similar performance is achieved. The power consumption is even lower for the ClaSH implementation. The SLOC for ClaSH is considerably smaller and it is possible to specify the design in a much higher level of abstraction compared to VHDL.
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