Non-crimp fabric permeability modelling


Haanappel, S.P. and Akkerman, R. (2008) Non-crimp fabric permeability modelling. In: 9th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials, FPCM, 8-10 July 2008, Montreal, Canada.

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Abstract:A qualitative study to the in-plane permeability modelling of Non-Crimp
Fabrics has been carried out. A network flow model was developed to describe flow through
inter bundle channels (meso level). To improve this model, it was extended with details that
consider stitch yarn influenced regions. The model predicts a highly anisotropic permeability.
The predicted permeability in the machine direction of the fabric corresponds with the
experimental results. However, prediction of permeability perpendicular to the fabric’s
machine direction does not correspond with the experimental results. Possibly, flow through
fibre filaments (micro level) is significant and the network flow model has to be extended to
include this type of flow.
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